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  DESECRATION:  The Ritualistic  Murder  of  Mrs. Arlis Perry

  Satan Rising


  DeSeCrAtIoN : The ritualistic murder Of Mrs. Arlis Perry

  By: Andrew L. Nichols

  Back in 1974, in a lonely church on the campus  of  Stanford
  University,  the young wife of Bruce Perry was murdered in a
  ritualistic fashion. The fact that the murder happened in  a
  church  was  terrible  enough, but coupled with the fact the
  murder was the result of a ritual  performed  made  it  even
  worse.  Author  Maury  Terry  in  his  book  entitled,  “The
  Ultimate Evil,” ties this murder to  both  the  Son  of  Sam
  (David  Berkowitz)  slayings,  and also the (Charlie) Manson
  “Family” murders. Was the murder of Arlis Perry, indeed  the
  work of some Satanic cult, as Author Terry supposes?

  Arlis  was a student at Stanford University, and a committed
  Evangelical Christian. She had no  qualms  about  witnessing
  for the Lord. She would witness about her faith to everyone.
  No one was immune from her Gospel; the Gospel of  Hope,  and
  the  Gospel of Peace. Back in her hometown of Minot, ND, she
  even wtinessed to die hard Satanists about her faith.  David
  Berkowitz  alluded  that Arlis had been followed from Minot,
  ND to Stanford University, and was  murdered.  Author  Terry
  alludes that the reason she was murdered was because of such
  witnessing to Satanists. Was that the case?

  Arlis was the wife of Bruce Perry, who  had  aspirations  of
  becoming a Doctor. Since the murder happened almost 30 years
  ago, it is highly likely Mr.  Perry  has  already  become  a
  Doctor.  At first, the Police had thought that perhaps Bruce
  was involved in the murder.  They  also  thought  that  Mrs.
  Perry  had  been victimized by some type of sexual predator,
  with Satanic worship leanings. The way the  body  was  found
  clearly  indicated a ritualistic styled murder. Author Terry
  says that when the Police did find Arlis in the church, that
  they quickly deduced that her muder was indeed a ritual. Was
  Arlis Pre-Chosen by Satanists for ritualistic murder? Or was
  she a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

  The  body,  the  way  it  was  laid out was in a ritualistic
  fashion. (NOTE: This part is a little  graphic,  so  if  you
  have  a  weak  stomach, you better skip over this part!) The
  body was naked from the waste down.  The  legs  were  spread
  wide  apart.  Her jeans were spread apart, across her calfs,
  going in the opposite direction. Author Terry says that  the
  whole  set up of her body was decidedly a "Diamond Pattern."
  The left breast of her blouse had been torn  open,  and  the
  breast  was  exposed.  Her hands were laid carefully between
  her breasts, with an altar  candle  between  her  hands.  To
  complete  the  Desecration,  another  altar  candle had been
  forced into her vagina. Remember: All  this  happened  in  a
  church.  She  had been tortured, and abused, but that wasn't
  what caused her death. What caused her death is an ice  pick
  had  been  forced  into her skull, just behind the left ear.
  This was truly a heinous crime!

  The Memorial Church at Stanford University where Arlis Perry
  was ritualistically murdered.

  Charles Manson

  David Berkowitz

  Like I said before, Author Maury Terry linked this murder to
  the Son of Sams slayings, and  the  Manson  Family  murders,
  through a cult group called "The Process Church of the Final
  Judgment." Is that really the case? Let me tell you a little
  about  myself: I have been studying Freemasonry, Illuminism,
  and the push for a New World Order for  over  ten  years.  I
  have read tons of books about Freemasonry. I am probably the
  only Christian in the Western Hemisphere who has been to the
  House  of  the  Temple in Washington, DC at 2:00am, and laid
  hands on the door of the building and asked God to tear down
  Freemasonry.  When  I  first read Maury Terry's book, I knew
  nothing about Freemasonry,  and  I  certainly  knew  nothing
  about  Satanism.  I  had  been brought up in the church, and
  knew that Jesus was God, and Christ, and you didn't  worship
  anything other than Him, or the Father. I became a Christian
  in April of 1992; saved at a kitchen table. When  I  re-read
  Maury Terry's book, it instantaneously jumped out at me that
  this murder was Freemasonic in nature. I  hate  to  disagree
  with  Author  Terry  on  his  conclusions,  but  having  the
  knowledge of Freemasonic rituals, I KNEW  this  murder;  the
  muder  of  Arlis  Perry was, indeed a Masonic ritual. Let me
  prove my claim:

  The way Author Terry says the body was laid out, it  can  be
  quickly deduced that it was symbolic in nature. What was the
  symbolism here? What was the image the muderer, or murderers
  of  Arlis  Perry  trying  to tell the world? Let's look at a
  simple diagram of the scene. Please excuse the crudeness  of
  the diagram:                                                 

          O        HEAD
       ---|---     ARMS
          |        TORSO
        / | \      THIGHS
    \  /  |  \  /  KNEES
     \/       \/   CALVES
     /\       /\
  _ /  \     /  \_ FEET
        \   /
Notice the position of the legs, the pants, and the altar candle. Now from this crude diagram, we can see that there is a dedicedly diamond shaped pattern here. I want you to keep that image in your mind: The legs, the pants, and the altar candle. Now here is where I prove Freemasons killed Arlis Perry. Remember: Keep that shape in mind. Look at this next crude diagram that I have put on this site. See if you cannot see the symblism in the way the body was laid out. It is decidedly Freemasonic symbolism. Consider the diagram:

        / | \
    \  /  |  \  /
     \/   G   \/
     /\       /\
    /  \     /  \
        \   /
That's it! The legs, and the pants make the Square and Compass: The symbol of the Master Mason. But if you know anything about Freemasonry, how does the murder of Arlis make it a Freemasonic ritual killing? Let me show you how we complete the symbolism: Women cannot be Freemasons, because they don't have the "G," the "Generating Principle of Life." What is that Generating Principle of Life? To the Freemason, the Generating Principle of Life is the male Penis. Women cannot have the Generating Principle of Life, because they do not have Penises. How did the murder of Arlis Perry make up this symbolism? That was the reason for inserting the altar candle into her vagina! That completes our symbolism! The legs are symbolic of the Square. The pants are symbolic of the Compass, and the inserted altar candle is the "G": The Generating Principle of Life: The male Penis. While I cannot deduce why Arlis Perry was murdered; nor can I tell you who committed her murder, I can tell you, from the way the body was laid out that this murder was some type of modern-day "Jack the Ripper," style Freemasonic ritual murder! I can deduce four things about this ritual murder: 1. Arlis was killed by regular Freemasons, or: 2. Arlis was killed by a fringe group of Freemasonry, or: 3. Arlis was a victim of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or: 4. To find her murderer, or murderers, you may need not look any farther than the rosters of local Lodges near Stanford University, or maybe even back in Minot, ND. It is my opinion that Arlis, being a committed Christian, who loved her Lord, and loved to share Him with anyone who would listen, probably witnessed to some Freemasons, and they put out a hit on her. This is my belief, and I'm sticking to it. Andrew L. Nichols Friday, August 22nd, 2003 ------------------------------------------------------------ Something occurred to me the other day: The positioning of the head: It was turned, facing left towards the Altar of the church. That term facing left has an occultic significance to it. It is also used in Zororasterism. There is a Zoroaster Group at Stanford in operation. Andrew L. Nichols: 11-1-03 ------------------------------------------------------------ I want to coin two new terms for this particular murder: MRA - Masonic Ritual Abuse MRK - Masonic Ritual Killing ------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Friend: If your not born again, your not going to make it to Heaven. You will never see God, as a Father that loves His children. You will see only eternal fire and torment in the Lake of Fire. Dear Friend: Do you want to go to that awful place? Do you want to experience eternal judgment from God. Look: Christians aren't perfect. They make mistakes. But there is one difference between a Christian and a Sinnner: That is Christians are forgiven. Look Friend: I'm not asking you to join a church, or make a commitment to any organization. I'm asking you to enter into a relationship: A blessed relationship betwen Jesus Christ, and yourself. He died for your sins. He shed His blood, that you may be free. I ask you, Dear Friend: to repent of your sins, and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and life: To become Lord and Savior of your life. Do it today! Before it's too late. Doesn't matter what you done. Doesn't matter what evil you have committed. Jesus Christ loves you. Come to Him today! ------------------------------------------------------------ [This text was downloaded from the internet but the graphics links were broken, so I inserted my own ASCII diagrams which show that the resulting pattern more resembles the unicursal hexagram of the O.T.O., which is a fringe-Masonic group that is more overtly satanic than Judeo-Masonry. The murder began just before midnight on the birthday of Aleister Crowley, on October 12th, and may have continued until October the 13th, the anniversery of the crackdown on the Knights Templars by the king of France; Crowley, the main mystagogue of the Ordo Templar Orientis, considered the grandady of modern satanism and the patron saint of Rock and Roll, also was a Freemason, and arguably the O.T.O., contrary to the sincere disavowals of porch-Masons, remains the highest (and thus the lowest) expression of Freemasonry--the grad school of Solmonic magia and Masonic mystaGOGy.]

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