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* 1985, NY, Rich Satanic killers met at Hell Fire Club in NY "The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam and Beyond", Maury Terry, 1987, Barnes & Noble Books On March 22, Bernard LeGeros, twenty-three, the Son of John LeGeros, an American citizen employed in an executive capacity of the United Nations, came under the charge of murder after being arrested in New York, where his father John LeGeros owned a rural estate in suburban Tompkins Cove, a small community in Rockland County 30 miles north of Manhattan. The rotting body of the victim, Vesti, was found, partly eaten by animals, hooded, handcuffed, shot twice in the back of the head, stabbed, and mutilated, on the LeGeros estate in March of 1985. Vesti had evidently met his death during the culmination of a sado-masochistic sex ritual. Andrew Crispo Source of photo scan: "The Ultimate Evil," by Maury Terry Legeros later confessed that the homosexual millionaire art dealer Andrew Crispo, pictured below, had met Vesti at the Hellfire club, then travelled with Legeros to the Legeros estate, where they planned to consumate the ultimate satanic sacrafice. LeGeros said that Crispo had told him to shoot Vesti twice--one shot to kill Vesti's body, the next kill his soul; also, Legeros claimed Crispo was involved in a "satanic cult which drank the blood of its victims." [Note: The name of the nightclub where Legeros met Vesti is the "HellFire Club," a fact of some significance given the fact that in 1725, Ireland's most infamous aristocratic Satanic cult called itself by that name. Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse was Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons, and at the same time, Richard Parsons was also one of the founding members of Ireland's Satanic Hellfire Club. According to Steven Sora, author of "Secret Societies of America's Elite," among those that Benjamin Franklin met on his pre-Revolution travels to England was the infamous Freemason Sir Francis Dashwood, who "moved within the highest circles in England, which became known as the Hellfire Club." (from page 125) "Dashwood's parties were infamous and were said to have included prostitutes dressed as nuns, satanic rites, goddess worship, and orgies." (page 124) In Dashwood's Abbey of Medmenham, which he modified into a pagan monument, a carving over the front entry read: "Do as thou will"--a well-known motto used by satanists and often attributed to the "founder of modern satanism", Mason Aliester Crowley, though if Sora is right, Aliester Crowley evidently wasn't the originator of the motto. According to Micheal Hoffman, Dr. John Whiteside Parsons of the California Institute of Technology, the famous rocket scientist and notorious satanist, was a descendent of one of the founders of the Satanic Hell-Fire Club in Britain, presumably Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse and the Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons.]

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