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Dashwood, Freemason
   who founded the notorious Hellfire Club is pictured here
   giving the Masonic hand sign called the Lion's Paw According to Stephen Sora, author of "Secret Societites of America's Elite", Sir Francis Dashwood, the Freemason who helped found the infamous Hell Fire club, included at his retreat the inscription "Do As Thou Will", supposedly the motto given to Aleister Crowley by one of his demon lovers, but the motto actually reaches back even further than the 17th century's Dashwood to the Abbey of Thelema:

"In his rule of the abbey of Theleme, Rabelais (1494-1553), who was certainly an accepted mason, has left us with the consititution of a society of free men. The sole rule of the Thelemites was this: Do what you will, because people who are free, well-born, well-bred, and easy in honest company have a natural instinct that drives them to virtous deeds and deflects them from vice--and they call this honour....." The Secret History of Freemasonry, Paul Maudon, pages 239-240)

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