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Above,  Crowley, main mystagogue of the  Ordo Templis Orientis;
note the use of the standard Masonic symbols, the EASTERN STAR,

O.T.O. Founders:

Virtually  all the influencial  occult societies founded in
the 20th  Century were founded by  active high-level Freem-
asons in good standing in their  lodges.  The  O.T.O. is no
exception.  Thus many contend that the  O.T.O. was  spawned
by Freemasonry. The OTO itself claims to represent the true
essence of Freemasonry.  

Former Members:
Goth before their time was up; Black trench-coated Parsons
and and his fellow occultist and sex partner Cameron. 

Among  the more famous and influential  members of the  OTO,
Dr. Jack Parsons,  the inventer of  JATO,  founder of JPL or
Jet Propulsion Laboratories,  ranks among the most famous. A
genius who enjoyed top level security clearance, Parsons was
a descendent of the Grand Earl of Rosse, a leading Freemason
and one of the founders of an infamous satanic society known
as the Hellfire club, which was located in Ireland.

Aleister  Crowley,  "the father of modern satanism,"  enjoys
guru status as one of OTO's purblind prophets of  perdition,
and was a British intelligence agent, high ranking Freemason
and prolific author of occult tomes, whose influence amongst
rock musicians, among others, would surprise most people. He
is sometimes called the spiritual father of rock and roll in
part because of his teaching that Satan worship can make the
mediocre musician into a genius.  Jimmy Page of Led Zepelin,
Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, the Doors, the Beatles,  and many
other musicians, including Michael Jackson, were known to be
disciples or admirers of Crowley. 

Charles  Manson,  though not admitted by the  O.T.O. to have
been a  formal  member,  nevertheless had associations  with
the OTO.  According to many accounts, Manson was not only a-
ssociated with the O.T.O. but also with the infamous  Church
of the Final Judement, also called 'the Process", as well as
other occult secret socieites.

Suzan Atkins, who was convicted on 8 count of murder for her
part in the Manson Family  murders,  said  in  an  exclusive
interview with Joe Schimmel, that Crowley's name had come up
in connection with the Manson family: "I  remember  Aleister
Crowley's  name being brought up when I was part of Manson's
family. Manson's philosophy was "Do what thou  wilt'.",  the
philosophy of the O.T.O.

Harry  Hay, famous homosexual activist, played the organ for
the L.A. Lodge of the O.T.O., according to "The Trouble With
Harry  Hay",  by  Stuart  Timmons,  pg.  75,  as  quoted  by
secondary source "They Sold Their Souls for Rock and  Roll".
Hay is considered the founder of the radical gay movement. 

Robert  Anton  Wilson, edito of Playboy Forum throughout the
60s, amitted to practicing Crowley's magicand reading all of
Crowley's  works,  "The  Final  Secrets  of  the Illuminati,
Robert Anton Wilson, as quoted from secondary  source  "They
Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll"

David Bowie,  first glitter  rocker and punk rock precursor,
said: "My overriding interestwas in Kabala  and  Crowleyism.
That  whole  dark  rather  fearsome never-world of the wrong
side of the brain", Davide Bowie,  NWM,  1976  and  November
1995. He was also a member of the OTO.

Kinsey with Anger idolizing Crowley
[Above, Dr. Frederick Kinsey,  promoted by the powers that be as
a great  man of  science  whose books helped usher in the sexual
revolution of the  60s,  pictured here with Luciferian and movie
producer Kenneth Anger,  as they idolize Freemason and father of
modern Satanism, Aleister Crowley, main mystagogue of the OTO. ]

William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan, a famous intelligence agent,
headed the OSS, which was a now defunct intelligence agency,
created by Freemason FDR,  who appointed Donovan to head the
Office of Stategic Services, a precursor it might be said of
the CIA.  According to Milan Martin,  Donovan was tight with
British intelligence agents and was a member of the O.T.O.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner, prolific author and founder of the Luci-
feric Anthroposophical Society, born in 1861, joined the OTO
and the Theosophical Society.  From 1902 to 1909 Steiner was
the General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Germany
and was "also connected to the Rosicrucians, the Brothers of
Light, and was also a member of Crowley's O.T.O.", according
to  Milan Martin,  author of  Lucifer's Children,  page 318:
Steiener developed a new cult called "Christian Illuminism",
or  "The Christian Community,"  which was closely allied  to
Grand Orient Freemasonry, and to Rosicrucianism."   (Martin)
Other authors have denied that Steiner was an OTO member.

Major General John Frederick Charles Fuller (1878-1966) as a
member of the OTO also, according to Hemibichner,  author of
"Blood at the Altar", who writes tha the famed British offi-
cer was second in command of the Order of the Silver Star or
A.A.,  and it was he who invented the Blitzkrieg tactic that
was ignored by the British but adopted by Hitler.

After anti-Mason Pope Leo XIII died in 1903,  the OTO almost
put one of their own as the new Pope;  the Papal election of
Cardinal M. Rompalla was narrowly defeated by a  veto rather
than popular vote.  The  veto was  orchestrated by  an alert
Catholic expert on occult conspiracy, Monsignor Ernest Jouin
of France, who was aware of Rompalla's Masonic entanglements
and warned and convinced varioua high-level Vatican officers
of the danger,  whereupon they  counter-conspired to prevent
Rompalla's election as the  Vicar of  Christ by utilizing an
old law that permitted the veto,  as detailed in a must-read
book by Heimbichner, "Blood On The Altar".

Cardinal Mariano Rompalla  (1843-1913) was a Freemasonic spy
inside the Vatican and a member of the  O.T.O., according to
Michael Howard's interpretation of a book by Piers  Compton,
"The Broken Cross".   Rompalla was the Secretary of State in
the Papacy of Leo XIII. [Howard, Michael, "THe Occult Consp-
iracy", 1986, page 152, where it's written: "It is said that
after his death documents were found among his papers which
linked him with both the OTO and Aleister Crowley.  Unfortu-
nately the incumbent  Pope was so  horrified by the contents
that he ordered them to be burnt".

Movie actor  David Carradine,  star of Kung Fu and the blood
splasher "Kill Bill" was affiliated with the Agape Lodge and
ranks among the actors and musicians who were involved with,
or influenced by, the OTO.     (Source here is "Blood on the
Altar" by Craig Heimbichner.)

Current Members

According  to  a  February  2003 posting from the U.S. Grand
Lodge of the Ordo Templar Orientis, the O.T.O. is active  to
some  extent  in  58  nations.  With only 4,000 members, two
thirds of whom are in the United States, or so they say, but
as their supreme guru, Crowley,  openly advocated deciet, as
would seem to befit a  man who worshiped the father of lies,
Satan, it might be better to rely on a more reliable source;
Heimbichner,  who authored  "Blood On The Altar:  The Secret
History of the World's Most Dangerous Secret Society", wrote
in 2005:  "The cult of the Beast is no trivial affair; it is
a powerful  worldwide organization,  approximately a century
old, with multifarious branches....It is a distillation, the
essence, of the most secret of all secret societies."


Membership in the O.T.0. is private. Names and addresses are
released   only  on  a  need-to-know  basis  but  membership
information is given out for  partaking  in  initiations  if
requested  by  the  officiating  body. Officers that process
dues and the newsletter will also have  access  to  the  in-

Corresponding Associations

Corresponding  Association  is a non-initiatory level of OTO
involvement distinct from full membership. It may  suit  the
needs  of those who live far from OTO bodies, or who are not
prepared to become members for whatever  reason.  Associates
receive  The  Magical  Link, have access to other membership
publications, may attend some O.T.O. activities, and receive
occasional  discounts to OTO members from some book sellers.
Otherwise, Associates have  the  opportunity  to  correspond
with  O.T.O.  members  in the U.S.A. and other countries, by
mail or electronically. Dues for  Corresponding  Association
are  $10  per  year.  Send  a check or international payment
coupon in US Dollars to: Ordo Templi Orientis

Association Applications  P.O.  Box  167  Artois,  CA  95913

Initiate Membership

Initiate  membership  requires a physical ceremony, and must
be arranged with an OTO body. Send initiation inquiries to a
body  that  is local or otherwise convenient to you. See our
contact section for information  about  how  to  locate  and
contact  OTO bodies. Information on the initiatory structure
of the OTO and the dues and fees schedule for membership are
also available.

Membership in the EGC

Ecclesia  Gnostica Catholica (EGC) is the ecclesiastical arm
of OTO. It  offers  lay  membership  conferred  through  the
ceremonies  of  baptism  and  confirmation.  Lay  membership
confers no special privileges, and is not formally recorded.
To  find out about EGC rituals in your area, see the contact
section and contact your local body.

O.T.O. USA Webmaster email:

Downloaded from an OTO website, the photo above of the altar
of a gnostic mass evidences a strong Masonic influence which
would be obvious to anybody familiar with the typical layout
of a Masonic temple's ritual area, where the black and white
checkered floor tile, which they call "the Mosaic pavement,"
symbolizes dualism.

[Above, downloaded from the Scarlet Woman OTO website in TX,
Houston, the graphic above shows the layout of the worship
area; note the IAO signification to the right.]

The organization uses the acronym IAO to designate their god
as the following quotes from Freemason Cabalist Crowley here

"....we  must  hope for the Osiris section to-morrow or next
day.  Birth,  death,  resurection!  IAO!"  --  Black   witch
Freemason Aleister Crowley, as quoted from secondary source,
Thomas Friend's "Fallen Angel, page 240

"It just strikes me--it may be this Isis-Apophis-Osiris  IAO
formula  that  I have preached so often." -- Freemason black
witch Aleister Crowley, as quoted by Friend, page 240

The Great Work, as best I can understand it at this time  as
gleened  from  the  books of Christians who have studied the
occult and  quote  the  occultists  who  advance  the  idea,
remains, as always, to unite the microcosm, which is man, as
symbolized by the pentacle, with  the  macrocosm,  which  is
their  God,  as  symbolized  by  the hexagram, and when this
happens, according to Thomas Friend's book  "Fallen  Angel",
Satan takes complete control of the individual, meaning that
he comes and goes at his will, despite what the will of  the
possesed  person  might be (Friend, page 388), and Freemason
Crowley said this possesion would be permanent.  The godhead
of the unholy trinity of the Cabalist Freemasonic occultists
is  IAO,  according to their own words, not mine,  as quoted
above.  The  all-seeing eye, as was used for a short time in
the DARPA IAO ( Information Awareness Office)  logo  remains
one of the  most  frequently  used  symbols the Masonic god,
as the following quote by Freemason Crowley attests:

"Now  shalt  thou adore me who am the Eye and the Tooth, the
Goat of the Spirit, the Lord of Creation. I am  the  eye  in
the  Triangle, the Silver Star that ye adore" -- Black witch
Freemason Aleister Crowley, Liber A'ash, quoted by secondary
source,  "Fallen Angel:  The Untold Story of Jimmy Page  and
Led Zeppelin Based On the Stairway to Heaven Album"

[Oddly, DARPA's proposed IAO (Information Awareness Office),
which was to head the Orwelliian TIA (Total Information Awa-
reness Office, now called "Terrorist Information Awareness),
not only used the Masonic/Crowleyian IAO acronym,  but prior
remmoving the logo from their  website,  DARPA also used the
Masonic symbol of the all-seeing eye.]                   

"This formula is the principal characteristic of Osiris, of
the Redemption of  Mankind.  'I' is Isis, Nature, ruined by
'A', Apophis the Destroyer, and restored to life by the Re-
deemer Osiris."   -- Freemason  and black witch  Kabbalist,
Aleister Crowley, the self-professed "666-Beast" & father
of modern  Satanism, as quoted in CHAPTER V The Formula of
I.A.O. Aba Liber.   "The god of the  Jews  became known as 
'Iao', which is an ancient Mystery name for Dionysus," the
authors of  "The Jesus Mysteries",  Timothy Rreke and Peter
Gandy, claim, page 179, 

Image of Heimbichner's book on the OTO,  OTO Seal with All Seeing Eye
[Above, image of Heimbichner's must-read
book on the OTO "Blood On The Altar: The
Secret  History of the World's Most Dan-
gerous  Secret Society";  the  OTO Logo,
featuring  the  "all seeing"  eyeball of



Gibbons Boy Testifies in court of OTO abuse

Brave Australian Woman Exposes OTO Paedophile Ring


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