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[The above pages copied by Berkowitz and sent to investigator Maury evidence the fact that Berkowitz had not only studied the works of French Freemason Eliphas Levi, but had also been influenced by the so called "father of modern satanism", Freemason Crowley. That is to say, the Son of Sam Cult evidences a strong Masonic influence: 1) the leader of the cult was a Freemason, rank unknown, according to "The Ultimate Evil", by Maury Terry, page 411. 2) Berkowitz, the most infamous member of the cult, studied the works of French Freemason Eliphas Levi. 3) Berkowitz had studied about Freemason Crowley, as shown above. 4) Crispo, a millionaire art dealer thought to be involved with the cult was known to frequent New York's HellFire Club, which is presumably named after the infamous HellFire club founded by satanic Freemasons in Ireland. 5) The cult used symbols associated with Freemasony, as is shown by the Goetic circle of black evocations used by the cult, which included the telltale inverted triangle, skull and bones, etc. 6) The ritual murder of Arlis Perry involved Masonic symbolism, also, and she was murdered by an adquaintance (possibly a member of the same satanic cult) of Berkowitz. 7) The Son of Sam Cult allegedly derived much of its perverse doctrine from a secret society founded by high-level Freemasons; namely, the O.T.O, not to mention the Golden Dawn --also founded by active Freemasons.

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