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  * 1974, "Satan At Stanford: the Satanic Anihilation of Arlis
  Perry" Source: "The Ultimate Evil," by  Maury  Terry,  pages

  [Above, Arlis Perry, the born-again Christian who was hunted
  down and killed by The Process at  Stanford Memorial Church. 

  "In  the  words  of  a  church official who later viewed the
  scene, the sight was 'ritualistic and satanic.' And  indeed,
  it was a vision from hell. Arlis was lying on her back, with
  her body partially under  the  last  pew  in  the  left-side
  alcove,  a  short  distance  from  where  she  was last seen
  praying. Above  her  was  a  large  craing  which  had  been
  sculptured  into  the  church  wall  years before. It was an
  engraving of a cross. The symbolism was explicit.

  Alis' head was facing forward, toward the  main  altar.  Her
  legs were spread wide apart, and she was nude from the waist
  down. The legs of her blue jeans were  spread-eagled  upside
  down  across  her claves, purposely arranged in that manner.
  Viewed from above, the resulting pattern of  Arlis  legs and
  those of the inverted blue took on a diamond-like shape.

  Arlis'  blouse was torn open and her arms were folded across
  across her chest. Placed neatly between her  breasts  as  an
  altar  candle.  Completing  the desecration, another candle,
  thirty inches long, was jammed into  her  vagina.  But  that
  wasn't all: she'd also been beaten and choked.

  However, none of that butchery caused her death. Alris Perry
  died because an icepick had been rammed into her skull gehid
  her  left  ear;  its  handle  protruded grotesquely from her

  None of this explicit information would reach the public."

  [David Berkowitz later gave Maury some clues as to the Arlis
  Perry murder, including the chilling handwriten clue: "ARLIS
  Arlis, a born again Christian, had been stalked by a satanic
  cult from her home state of N. Dakota to Stanford; Berkowitz 
  knew this because he had met a satanist in New York, who was
  known as  Manson II,  who boasted of killing  Arlis  and had 
  shown Bekowitz her picture.  Note that,  according to Maury,  
  Arlis' "blue jeans were spread-eagled upside down across her 
  calves, presumably upwards towards her head, thus forming an
  inverted  triangle pointing downward towards her vagina, and 
  her legs, which were spread-eagled, according to Maury, also
  would form a trianble, tip pointing upward.  Thus the tip of
  both triangles would terminate at her vagina, while the base
  of top triangle would be near her head, while the other base
  would be her feet, with a candle inserted in her vagina  and
  extending downward, thus forming an hour-glass symbol, not a
  diamond symbol, as Maury suggests: 

                o     head
               \|/    torso              
              / | \   feet                

  Thus, the symbology surrounding her carefully crafted death
  scene would indicate the murder was not only satanic, since
  the inverted triange is a symbol popular with satanists but
  also the lower half of the hourglass shape would  also be a
  triangle; two triangles, forming an hourglass shape.  This,
  not a diamond shape described by Maury, pinpoints the group
  behind the murders as well-versed in occult symbolism--that
  very symbolism so popular with so many occult organizations
  spawned by freemasonry,  not to mention Freemasonry itself,
  which likewise uses the inverted triangle to ill effect. We
  can say with some confidence that Arlis was indeed murdered 
  by satanists versed in the pyramidal symbolism of  Masonry,
  which, in turn originates from Cabalism, and ultimately, it
  reaches back, through Cabala, to Egyptian black witchcraft.

  It would of course be irresponsible to suggest that anybody
  who uses these symbols is versed in occult symbolism or has
  any inkling as to what those symbols might represent to the
  practitioners of the dark arts, but the symbol, like a word
  in a text, must be taken in context,  and given the clearly 
  diabolical nature of the murder, it seems no mere phantama-
  gorical speculation to infer,  given the other  known facts 
  surrounding her murder and those involved,  that the killer 
  was trying to convey a message via symbolism, which message
  was clearly satanic and quite possibly Druid/Freemasonic.

  [Various satanic symbols can be seen on the Druid priest's
   garb above,  including the swastika  (ancient sign of the 
   solar sun god) and the hourglass symbol--love talisman of
   King Soloman, who went apostate and got entangled in  the
   occult, according to the Bible, among other sources.]

  The hour-glass symbolism evokes not only the notion of time
  passing,  but also the blood-red hour-glass on the belly of 
  the black widow spider,  while the two  triangles of  which
  the hour-glass are composed, evoke all the occult associat-
  tions traditionally attributed to those symbols.  A similar
  but non symbolic verbal message was left at Devil's Cave in
  Yonkers, the blood-letting site of the Son of Sam Cult, and
  it, too, intoned the dire meaning of time running out: "the
  beast comes with wrath," i.e., time is running out until it
  arrives, whatever it is.   The black-widow, which kills the 
  male spider after sexual consummation,  does seem as apt as
  any symbol for the diabolical and sexually perverted crime.

  The two triangles, when merged, form the hex symbol, or the
  hexagram, used in black witchcraft, and here again, the 666
  number of the Beast is implied,  since the hexagram has six
  points, six innermost sides, and six triangles (6 * 3 = 18)
  and further, it is comprised of 18 lines, where each line's
  demarcation is the intersection of two other  lines,  which
  is to say,  when all the sides of the 6 triangles are added 
  up, there are a total of 18 sides, such that,  when divided
  by the hex, or number 6, we have:

  | | | | | | = 6
  | | | | | | = 6

  | | | | | | = 6

  Note that,  in base-10 notation,  the number 666 would  be 
  represented as pictured above on an  abacus.  What's more, 
  this is arguably the most primitive, basic, universal, and
  cross cultural way of depicting the number 666, since it's
  shorthand for 666 units, which would otherwise need to  be
  represented as 666 seperate symbols,  which would  need to
  be counted, then translated into a particular language, as
  in English, for instance, which is  "666'.   But to people
  of other tongues and  cultures,  the term "666" would mean
  nothing  or mean  something  else.  It's hard to imagine a
  single symbol or mark that would more clearly encode '666'
  than the hexagram.  In contrast, the triquetra, which some
  say clearly encodes a '666', only does so in English since
  we use the symbol '6' in base-10 numbering to designate  6
  units, but in other languages, the symbol '6' is not used.

  Given  these facts, it seems none so phantamagorical to me
  to infer that the symbology of the murder was Kabbalistic,
  Masonic, and Satanic.