O LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who showest forth Thine omnipotence most manifestly when Thou sparest and hast compassion. Thou Who didst say, "Pray for those who persecute and calumniate you," we implore the clemency of Thy Sacred Heart on behalf of souls, made in the image of God, but most miserably decieved by the treacherous snares of Freemasons and going more and more astray in the way of perdition. Let not the Church, Thy Spouse, any longer be oppressed by them, but appeased by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Thy Mother, and the prayers of the just, be mindful of Thine infinite mercy; and disregarding their perversity, cause these very men to return to Thee, that they may bring consolation to the Church by a most abundant penance, make reparation for their misdeeds, and secure for themselves a glorious eternity, Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.

-- The Raccolta 8th Edition, p. 410

[See Pople Leo XII's encyclical on Freemasonry.]

"The Freemasons follow this principle above all: 'Catholicism can be overcome not by logical argument but by corrupted morals.'And so they overwhelm the souls of men with the kind of literature and arts that will most easily destroy a sense of chaste morals, and they foster sordid lifestyles in all phases of human life..." -- St Maximilian Kolbe, as quoted in "Freemasonry: Mankind's Hidden Enemy," by Bro. Charles Madden, O.F.M. Conv. Saint