"The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
        Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
        See the sword?
        The prince of darkness
        Sold it to me.
        For me he beats the time and gives the signs.
        Ever more boldly I play dance of death."

                --Karl Marx, father of Communism,
                  as quoted from his poem "The Player" 
                  (Wurmbrand, "Marx and Satan")

       The  forces  behind  the  drive  for  global  government are
       clearly occult and arguably Satanic or Luciferian.

           Picture of Albert Pike

       Alice Baily, Madam Blavatsky, Cecil Rhodes, were but  a  few
       of  the  occultic  seers  and  pioneers  of  the  drive  for
       globalization.  Even Hillary Rodham Clinton was reported  by
       the main-stream press to have dabbled, at the very least, in
       occult practices.  The monuments outside the UN were donated
       by  communist nations responsible for the  torture,  murder,
       and enslavement of countless numbers of people, and  judging
       by  his  poetry,  the  founder  of communism, Karl Marx, was
       himself a Satanist. Due in part to these facts, but also for
       many other reasons,  the Marxist dominated UN is said  to be
       suffused in occult influence.  Hence   the   acronym   'GOG,'
       Global Occult Government, remains an  accurate,  though less
       flattering, designation of the New World Order.

       Freemasonry, a fraternal  international  society  steeped in
       occult traditions, arguably remains the most powerful occult
       organization behind the push for global  government,  but in 
       any case,  they, too, join the ranks of the secret societies
       supporting GOG, thus lending credence to the widespread con-
       ception that, despite all the UN hype and hoopla about univ-
       ersal brotherhood and  world  peace,  the New World Order is 
       not only an inherently obscene and tyrannical ideal but also
       derives its  momentum and  spiritual backing from the darker 
       side of human existence. 

I. Evidence of Freemasonry's Occult Nature and Luciferian Loyalties

   A. Freemasonry's Occult Symbolism:

      1. The Inverted Pentagram

            "The   Holy  and  Mysterious  Pentagram:  When  it
            elevates two of its points  is  represents  Satan;
            and  when  it  elevates  one of its points only it
            represents the  Saviour,  goodness,  and  virtue."
            --From  an  introduction  to  Albert Pike's Magnum
            Opus, page  110,  Robert  Kessinger,  33rd  Degree
            Mason, according to Ralph Epperson.

       a.Baphomet b.Masonic pentagram c.Eastern Star
       [a. the baphomet, or symbol of satan, downloaded from satanic
        web site; photo of Eastern Star of Masonry on Masonic lodge;
       c. inverted pentacle symbol downloaded from Masonic web site.
       Note the name Samael, as it appears on the satanic pentagram,
       is the Kabbalistic equivalent of Satan,  and Kabbalah is the
       inner working of Freemasonry.]

       On  page  411  of  "The  Ultimate  Evil", author Terry Maury
       claims a Mason was the leader of the Son of Sam Satanic cult
       that terrorized New York City with a spree of murders in the
       1970s. After tracing back through a macabre maze of  related
       murders  in  California  and elsewhere, Maury found evidence
       linking the Son of Sam cult (also known as The Children)  to
       the  Process Church of the Final Judgement, an offshoot cult
       of the OTO, or Ordo  Templis  Orientis,  an  occult  society
       founded  in 1902 but first brought into the United States in
       1916 by the notorious satanist Aliester Crowley -- himself a
       33rd degree Freemason. ("The Ultimate Evil," page 180) Since
       Crowley, whose Satanism was well known in his day, advocated
       human  sacrifice in his book "Magic In Theory and Practice,"
       why  didn't the  Freemasons reject,  denounce,  and publicly
       censure Crowley in his day?

       a. David Berkowitz, who later confessed his entanglement in
       organized Satanism,  studied the works of French Freemason,
       Eliphas Levi; b. crime scene photo, where one of the cult's
       victims experienced the harsh reality of "Satanic panic" in
       the 1977 shooting spree; c. the "Devil's Cave", in Yonkers,
       NY, one of the cult's ritual blood letting sites.

       Is it possible, as some have alleged, that Freemasonry turns
       evil  or Luciferian in the upper echelons? Is it coincidence
       that not only was the leader of the Son of Sam satanic  cult
       a  Freemason  but  the cult ultimately derived its spiritual
       roots and bizarre practices from  an  occult  society  whose
       most infamous member was a 33rd degree Freemason?   Or is it
       coincidental that the OTO's orginal founders, Theodore Reuss
       and Karl Kellner,  were also Freemasons?  Is fate so full of
       fortuitous flukes, so incredibly and abundantly abounding in
       purely  accidental and  inane happenstance,  that, virtually
       without exception,  pioneers of the  modern occult movements
       and brotherhoods, including New Age mysticism,  neo-paganism,
        Satanism, and Luciferianism, were high-level Freemasons?

       If blind chance can be singled out as the sole instigator of
       these momentous events, perhaps coincidence can also explain
       why leaders of these occult organizations,  in  addition  to
       sharing a common membership in Freemasonry,  shared a common
       contempt for the  Christian religion and likewise  expressed
       their high regard for a diety or force they called Lucifer--
       the same god to whom Berkowitz had pledged his allegiance as
       part of his occult initiation at Untermyer park, NY: "'I was
       initiated at  Utermyer,'  he said,  'I recited a  prayer to
       Lucifer and then pricked my finger to draw a little blood. I
       also gave  information about my family,  which was stupid of
       me to do.  After that,  the whole thing got more  serious.'"
       ("The Ultimate Evil", Maury Terry, page 528)

       a. Crowley, "father of modern satanism; Anton Lavey; Richard
       Ramirez, satanist and serial killer, flashing a tatoo of an
       inverted pentagram on his left hand.  

       Further, is it coincidental that the  same satanic pentagram
       found scrawled on the wall of the  Son of Sam satanic ritual
       site,  as well as a host of other satanic crime scenes, also
       adorns Masonic lodges and web sites?  The inverted pentagram
       is also the logo of the Church of Satan,  and is included on
       the  cover of all of the  founder's,  Anton LaVey's,  books,
       including "The Satanic Rituals,"  wherein LaVey acknowledges
       his indebtedness to Freemason Crowley and, also, to Masonry:
       "every occult order has many Masonic roots."  (Anton Szandor
       LaVey, "The Satanic Rituals," 1972, page 72)

       Unlike  other  symbols, which  are  ambiguous,  the inverted
       pentagram has traditionally  symbolized  one  thing; namely,
       satanism; its meaning  remains  constant in  today's popular
       culture, as the  chart of  religious  symbols  shown  herein

       Why, then, do the Masons adorn their lodges and temples with
       the inverted pentagram,  as some pictures herein illustrate?
       Why did they choose the  inverted pentagram, of all symbols,
       as the  one they'd  use in  designing the  street  layout of
       Washington, DC? (Please see the pictures below).  Since some
       high-level  Freemasons have acknowledged,  in writing,  that
       the "holy and mysterious pentagram", if inverted, represents
       Satan,  why do they continue to use one of the world's  most
       infamous emblems of evil?

     DC plain map DC highlighted DC LANDSAT
     Washington, DC     Washington with pentagram  LANDSAT image of
                        highlighted                Washington DC

       Chart of Religious Symbols
       Brief History & Meaning of the Pentagram
       Quotes by Masons on the diabolic meaning of the inverted pentacle

     2. The All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer atop the Pyramid:

            "On  the  reverse of our nation's Great Seal is an
            unfinished  pyramid  to  represent  human  society
            itself, imperfect and incomplete. Above floats the
            symbol  of  the  esoteric  orders,   the   radiant
            triangle  with its all-seeing eye....There is only
            one possible origin for these symbols, and that is
            the  secret  societies  which came to this country
            150 years before  the  Revolutionary  War....There
            can  be  no  question  that  the  great  seal  was
            directly inspired by these  orders  of  the  human
            Quest,  and that it set forth the purpose for this
            nation...." --Manly P. Hall, 33 degree  Freemason,
            "The Secret Destiny of America",

     a.Masonic eye b.Illuminati On-line c.US seal
      "All-Seeing Eye"    As it appears on the   As it appears
       downloaded from    company logo of        on the Great Seal
       Masonic web site   Illuminati On-Line     of the U.S.A.

       The symbolism on thee US dollar bill is clearly Masonic, but
       whether the eye surrounded by light that  floats  above  the
       pyramid  represents  the  All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer, as some
       have suggested, remains dubious due to the secret nature  of
       the  Masonic  society.  In  any  case, the symbolism clearly
       isn't Judaic-Christian. The eye of God on the Great Seal was
       used by many secret societies, including the Rosicrucian and
       Freemasons, to signify spiritual vision, and the pyramid was
       used by the ancient mystery schools to to represent material

       According to Ted Flynn, author of "The Hope of the  Wicked,"
       the  pyramid  symbol  has  its  ultimate  roots fixed in the
       legend of Atlantis, where, according  to  the  teachings  of
       various secret societies, stood a great university housed in
       a collosal pyramid. According to Manly Hall, who is known as
       one of  Freemasonry's  greatest  mouthpieces, the destiny of
       the United States is to restore the legacy of lost Atlantis,
       thus establishing a glorious new civilization,  a Novus Ordo
       Seclorum, or new secular state, to rule the world.

       US Dollar prior to 1935
       [U.S. Dollar prior to 1935.]

       (Note: "In God We Trust," which appears on the Great Seal of
       US dollar bill,  did not appear on  paper money  until 1957,
       and it wasn't put there by the Masons. The  Great  Seal  was
       adopted in 1782, but it did not appear on the back of the US
       dollar bill until 1935,  after Mason Henry Wallace convinced
       FDR (32nd degree Mason) to put it there.  Later, in 1957, as
       the  result  of a  lonely  campaign  by a  businessman  from 
       Arkansas, the motto "In God We Trust" was added. Source here 
       is "Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stanley Monteith.

       Brief Meaning and History of the All-Seeing Eye
       Masonic chart of Degree Structure
       Quotes by Masons on the Occult Meaning of the All-Seeing Eye
       All-Seeing Eye in Israel's Supreme Court Building

     3.  The Phoenix

            "The  Phoenix  is  an  Egyptian myth, a beautiful,
            lone bird, which lived in the Arabian  desert  for
            five  hundred  years  and  then consumed itself in
            fire, rising  renewed  from  the  ashes  to  start
            another  long  life.  The  phoenix is dramatically
            depicted on the cover of Albert Pike's book Morals
            & Dogma." Ted Flynn, "Hope of the Wicked," 127

       phoenix phoenix clutching globe 
       [These images are from the Cutting Edge Ministry web site.]

       In  "Hope of the Wicked," Ted Flynn writes: "There can be no
       doubt that the original feathered symbol of the New Republic
       (the  United  States)  was  a  phoenix, and not the American
       eagle." [Italics mine]  The phoenix,  which  was  originally
       included  in  the Great Seal, according to Flynn, originates
       from  Atlantean and  Egyptian  culture  but was also used in
       China,  and  by  the American Indians as the Thunderbird. As
       with other symbols dating back to the ancient Egyptians, the
       Masons  have  adopted  this  one as well, and its meaning in
       Freemasonry is rebirth, but more specifically, the birth  of
       "a  new  civilization arising out of the ashes of the ruined
       one."  Thus, to the  Masons, the phoenix also represents the
       New  World  Order, the  "Novus Ordo Secolorum,"  or  secular
       world order, which will rise like the legendary phoenix from
       the chaos and ashes of the old order of things.

       33rd Degree Jewel with "Order out of chaos" motto.
       Quotes by Freemasons on the occult meaning of the Phoenix

   B. Quotes From High Ranking Masons Indicative of Luciferian Loyalties
      and Occultic Practices:

       The  allegation  that  Freemasonry  is occultic and possibly
       Satanic or  Luciferian  stems  largely  from  the  words  of
       Freemasons  extracted from their own writings. Granting that
       many  quotes are taken out of context and fail to do justice
       to  the scope, depth, diversity, and full meaning of Masonic
       philosophy, some of the most frequently quoted examples  are
       cited  here,  out  of  context,  without any effort to plumb
       their depths or do justice to the complexity of  things,  as
       is common practice amongst Masonic writers, who are known to
       quote passages from the Bible and misconstrue their meaning.
       It's also conceded  that  Masons often appear to  contradict
       themselves, so  these quotes may contradict other beliefs or
       doctrines they hold:


            "When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior
            block is the  proper application of the  dynamo of
            living  power,  he has learned the  mystery of his
            Craft.  The seething energies of Lucifer ar in his
            hands." --Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Mason, quoted
            from  his book  "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry," as
            quoted  by  Dr.  Stanley Monteith,  "Broherhood of
            Darkness, page 128.

            "The  ancient  initiates  are  the invisible power
            behind the thrones  of  earth,  and  men  are  but
            marionettes, dancing while the invisible ones pull
            the strings." --Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree  Mason,
            "What   The   Ancient   Wisdom   Expects   of  its
            Disciples," page 58, by Manly P. Hall

            "Beneath the broad tide of  human  history,  there
            flow  the  stealthy  undercurrents  of  the secret
            societies which frequently determine in the depths
            the  changes  that  take  place upon the surface."
            --Arthur Edward Waite, 33rd Degree Mason, from his
            book "Real History of the Rosicrucians

            "Freemasonry  is  a fraternity within a fraternity
            --  an  outer  organization  concealing  an  inner
            brotherhood   of  the  elect."  --Manly  P.  Hall,
            "Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, page 433

            "The  initiated  brother  realizes that few Masons
            today  know  or  appreciate  the  mystic   meaning
            concealed  within these rituals." --Manly P. Hall,
            "Lost Keys of Freemasonry, page 14, writing of the
            rituals of the Masonic lodge

            "The  symbols  and ceremonies of Masonry have more
            than  one  meaning.  They  rather   conceal   than
            disclose the Truth. Their various meanings only to
            be discovered by reflection and  study."  --Albert
            Pike, in his book Liturgy, page 75-76

            "Catholics  must not forget that all roads lead to
            God. And  they  will  have  to  accept  that  this
            courageous  idea  of  free-thinking,  which we can
            really call a revolution,  pouring forth from  our
            Masonic  lodges, has spread magnificently over the
            dome of St.  Peter"s."  --Scottish Rite  Freemason
            Yves  Marsaudon, as quoted in "Hope of the Wicked"
            by Ted Flynn, page 149

            "The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from
            politics and social  ends  and  from  its  present
            paralyzing  condition  of  inertia,  will meet the
            need for those who can, and should,  wield  power.
            It  is the custodian of the law; it is the home of
            the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds
            in  its symbolism the ritual Deity, and the way of
            salvation is pictorially preserved  in  its  work.
            The  methods  of  Deity  are  demonstrated  in its
            Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can
            go  forward. It is far more an occult organization
            than can be realized, and is intended  to  be  the
            training    school   for   the   coming   advanced
            occultists. --Alice Baily, The Externalization  of
            the Hierarchy, p 551

            "Masonry stands in this  tradition;  and if we may
            not say that  it is  historically  related  to the
            great ancient orders,  it is their spiritual desc-
            endant,  and renders much the same ministry to our
            age which  the  Mysteries  rendered  to the  olden
            world."  -- Joseph Fort Newton, 33rd degree Mason,
            Past Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, as
            quoted from his book "The Builders", 1979,  pg 47,
            Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Company

            Img Life magazine, 1962
            [Freemason Mark Twain's satanic view of God and man
             was first published--after being long suppressed--
             in the September 28, 1962 issue of Life magazine.]

            "That is definite enough, isn't it?  It makes  the
            Creator distinctly responsible for everything that
            happens, doesn't it? The Christian concedes it  in
            that   italicized   sentence.   Concedes  it  with
            feeling, with enthusiasm. Then, having  thus  made
            the  Creator  responsible  for all those pains and
            diseases and miseries above enumerated, and  which
            he  could  have  prevented,  the  gifted Christian
            blandly calls him Our Father! It is as I tell you.
            He  equips  the Creator with every trait that goes
            to the making of a fiend, and then arrives at  the
            conclusion  that a fiend and a father are the same
            thing!"  --Freemason  Samual Langhorne  Clemens of
            Polar Star Lodge No. 79, St. Louis, Missouri, also
            known by his  pen name Mark Twain,  as quoted from
            "Letters From the Earth"

            "We worship a God, but it  is  the  God  that  one
            adores  without  superstition.'  To you, Sovereign
            Grand Inspectors General, we say  this,  that  you
            may  repeat it to the  Brethren of the 32nd, 31st,
            and 30th degrees--the Masonic Religion should  be,
            by  all  of  us  initiates  of  the  high degrees,
            maintained  in  the  purity  of   the   Luciferian
            Doctrine.  If  Lucifer  were  not God would Adonay
            (The God of the Christians) whose deeds prove  his
            cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarism and
            repulsion  for  science,  would  Adonay  and   his
            priests  calumniate  him.  Yes Lucifer is God, and
            unfortunately, Adonay is also god. For the eternal
            law  is  that  there is no light without shade, no
            beauty without ugliness, no  white without  black,
            for  the  absolute  can  only  exist  as two gods:
            darkness being necessary for light to serve as its
            foil as the  pedestal is  necessary to the  statue
            and brake to the locomotive.  Thus the doctrine of
            Satanism   is   heresy;  and  the  true  and  pure
            philosophical  religion is the  belief in Lucifer,
            God  of  Light  and  God of Good is struggling for
            humanity against Adonay, the God of  Darkness  and
            Evil." --Pike,  Grand Commander, Sovereign Pontiff
            of Scottish Rite  Freemasonry  in  the  south  and
            western  U.S.  from 1859 to 1891, as quoted in Ted
            Flynn's "Hope of the Wicked," page 124

       Although  this last quote above is claimed by some Masons to
       be spurious,  I  personally  believe it's probably a genuine
       expression of Albert Pike's true beliefs,  because  I  think
       that,  first,  it  expresses  a  profound, albeit profoundly
       wrong,  view of  God,  meaning that it  is  consistent  with
       the  profundity  of  Pike's  other  writings;  second,  it's
       consistent with the  Pike's  pedantic  and  pompous  writing
       style,  which,  in fairness,  partly stems from the style of
       his day, and lastly, it's consistent with views expressed in
       Pike's other works,  not to mention  similar views expressed
       in the works of other famous Freemasons.  For example:

            "It is  Satan who is the  God of our world and the
            only God."   -- Helena P. Blavatsky, co-Mason  and
            friend of Albert Pike, "The Secret Doctrine",   VI

            "While it is true that the palm for malignity must
            be granted to Jesus, the inventor of hell, he  was
            hard  and ungentle enough for all godlike purposes
            even before he became a  Christian.",  --Freemason
            Samual Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain
            "Satan's Letter To Man"   

            "The  true  name  of  Satan, the Kabalists say, is
            that of Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a  black
            god,  but  the  negation  of God. The Devil is the
            personification  of  Athiesm or Idolotry. For  the
            Initiates,  this  is  not  a  person, but a Force,
            created for good, but which may serve for evil. It
            is  the  instrument of Liberty and Free Will. They
            represent  this   force,   which   presides   over
            the physical generation,  under the mythologic and
            horned form  of  the  God  Pan;  thence  came  the
            he-goat  of  the  Sabbat,  brother  of the Ancient
            Serpent, and Light-bearer or  Phosphor,  of  which
            the  poets  have  made  the  false  Lucifer of the
            legend." --Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma,"  taken
            from "Hope of the Wicked," page 53, by Ted Flynn.
            (According to Flynn,  the passage above is a quote
            which Pike took from "The History of Magic" by the
            black magician and Luciferian Eliphas Levi.)

            "To  prevent  the light from escaping at once, the
            Demons forbade Adam to eat the fruit of 'knowledge
            of good and evil' by which he would have known the
            Empire of Light and that of Darkness.  He  obeyed;
            an  Angel  of  Light  induced  him to transgress."
                  --Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, page 567

       This last quote,  taken from Albert Pike's most famous book,
       implies much of  what  was  said  in  the  former  quote  in
       question.  Even  so,  I fully acknowledge and admit that the
       quote in question, which is claimed by some Masons to  be  a
       hoax,  might, for all I know, be just that. Yet I include it
       because in the light of other facts detailed above it  seems
       more  likely,  in  my  view,  to  be a genuine expression of
       Pike's beliefs, and in any case, it deserves note because it
       reflects a philosophy which is no doubt held by some people,
       whether Masons or not, and it's a philosophy which is not so
       easily  dismissed or refuted as its detractors would have us
       believe. Evidently,  since  many  never  bother  to  refute,
       analyze,  question,  or  reply  to the illuninist arguments,
       many  Christians  tend  to  assume  that  such   views   are
       self-incriminating  and  deserve  no  serious consideration,
       much less a reasoned rebuttal.

       Not so, unless you're preaching to the choir, and as for me,
       I  had  a dream in which the first three letters of the word
       "illuminati"  were  illuminated  as  meaning  "ill,"  as  in
       "gravely  ill," and Jesus came to heal the sick, not condemn
       them,  so  instead  of  treating  illuminist  philosophy  as
       self-evidently false, absurd, and evil, I choose, rather, to
       acknowledge the simple fact that Christian theology seems no
       less  false,  absurd,  or  evil  to those  who  subscribe to
       Luciferian views. In a stinking dung heap of lies, how could
       it  possibly be otherwise? Critique of Luciferianism

    C.  Quotes From Former High-Level  Masons Who Defected
        from the Craft and Attest to the Evil and Occultic
        Nature of Freemasonry:

            "I  became  a Freemason in 1970, but even as I was
            going  through  the  first  degree  ritual  I  had
            misgivings.  It  felt odd swearing a horrific oath
            on the Bible when a sharp compass point was thrust
            hard  against  my naked left breast. It felt odder
            still to be told to seal that oath by kissing  the
            Bible,  and  then  have  my  face  thrust into the
            compass and square as they lay cradled in its open
            pages.  It  was  only  later  that  I realized the
            ceremony had sexual overtones.

            Despite my unease,  I  passed  through  the  Craft
            degrees  in  just three meetings. During the third
            degree ritual the Deacons laid me on the floor and
            wrapped  me  in a shroud: a black sheet with white
            skulls and crossbones embroidered on it. They told
            me  to stay as still as if I were dead, until they
            lifted me to my feet and the Lodge Master  applied
            the  Master  Mason's  grip.  As  I  lay  there,  I
            suddenly felt the overpowering presence of evil. I
            had  never  consciously thought about evil before,
            let alone felt it, but now my brain was  pounding.
            I felt a piercing pain in my skull, like the worst
            headache you can imagine."

            --Anonymous  Freemason's  confession,  as  told to
            author Martin Short, by a financier in London, who
            had been a Freemason, as presented in "Hope of the
            Wicked" by Ted Flynn

            "When  it was time for the final obligation we all
            stood   and    repeated   the   oath   with    the
            representative   candidate,  administered  by  the
            Sovereign Grand Inspector General. We  then  swore
            true allegiance to the Supreme Council of the 33rd
            Degree, above all  other  allegiances,  and  swore
            never  to  recognize  any other brother as being a
            member of the Scottish  Rite of Freemasonry unless
            he  also recognizes the supreme authority of 'this
            Supreme  Council.'  One  of  the  Conductors  then
            handed the 'candidate' a human skull, upside down,
            with  wine  in  it.  With  all  of  us  candidates
            repeating after him, he sealed the oath. 'May this
            wine I now drink become a deadly poison to me,  as
            the Hemlock juice drunk by Socrates, should I ever
            knowingly or  willfully  violate  the  same'  (the
            oath).  He then drank the wine. A skeleton (one of
            the brothers dressed like one --  he  looked  very
            convincing)  then  stepped  out of the shadows and
            threw his arms around  the  'candidate.'  Then  he
            (and  we)  continued the sealing of the obligation
            by  saying,  "And  may  these  cold  arms  forever
            encircle  me  should I ever knowingly or willfully
            violate the same." The Sovereign  Grand  Commander
            closed  the  meeting  of the Supreme Council 'with
            the Mystic Number,' striking with his sword  five,
            three,  one  and then two times. After the closing
            prayer, we all said "amen, amen, amen," and it was

            [Life magazine, 10/8/1956, Maundy Thursday ritual]          

            Prominent Men Took Part

            There were some extremely prominent men there that
            day, including a  Scandinavian  King,  two  former
            presidents    of    the    United    States,    an
            internationally prominent  evangelist,  two  other
            internationally  prominent  clergymen,  and a very
            high official of the federal government,  the  one
            who  actually presented me with the certificate of
            the 33rd Degree."

            --Testimony of Rev. Jim Shaw, one of  the  highest
            ranking  Freemasons  to defect to Christianity, as
            alleged in his book, co-authored with Tom McKenny,
            "The Deadly Deception," page 104

 II. Evidence of The Power & Influence of Freemasonry:

    A. Famous Freemasons:

       An  impressive number of famous individuals were Freemasons.
       The diversity of  religious and  political opinions held  by
       famous Freemasons might seem to undermine John Quincy Adam's
       conviction that Freemasonry is an "engine of conspiracy" but
       as the Madame of any  brothel could attest,  people need not 
       share the same religious or political convictions to  engage
       in similar acts of prostitution. Ancient though the practice
       is, it's hardly a great and mysterious secret. Typically, it
       isn't what men  commonly share that draws them together  but 
       what they commonly lack.  In the case of  Masons,  what they 
       commonly lack is hard to say,  but whatever it is,  it isn't
       pride it seems to me;  therefore,  rather than repeating the
       accolades that  Masons  typically afford  themselves as they 
       name the names that no no shame, we will depart from the oft    
       repeated Masonary custom and enumerate instead some infamous
       Masons, commonly known to be evil, but not commonly known to
       be Masons.  

       Only a few are listed here:

       Infamous Masonic Satanists
       Infamous Masonic Luciferians
       Masonic Pioneers of modern witchcraft
       Masonic Founders of New Age mysticism
       The Freemasons who founded the Ku Klux Klan
       Infamous Masonic criminals, mass murderers, and assasins

    B. Masonic Monuments:

       The power and influence of the Craft of  Freemasonry is also
       attested to by the indelible mark they've left on the archi-
       tecture,  monuments, capstones, streets,  and other edifices
       erected in the nation's  capitols and  throughout the world.
       In the U.S. capitol,  every federal building bears a Masonic
       plaque,  according to Dr. Monteith, p 73, of "Brotherhood of
       Darkness." Famous Mason Albert Pike was the only Confederate
       soldier to be  honored  in the nation's capitol, Washington,
       DC, where a statue of him  dominates a  major  intersection,
       Judiciary Square.  Denver International Airport (DIA), which
       was plagued by scandals  and controversy from its inception,
       holds a Masonic  capstone with cryptic reference to messages
       dedicated to the people of Colorado in the year 2097,  maybe
       referring to the bizarre and  grotesque  murals that seem to
       depict the coming "New World" as envisioned, perhaps, by the
       "New World  Airport Commission" refered to on the capstone?

       Masonic capstone at DIA
       Scottish Rite Cathedral
       House of The Temple, Washington, DC
       Illuminati symbolism in architecture around the world
       Masonic symbols in Denver, CO

    C. Historical Evidence that Famous and Influential People
       Not Associated With Freemasonry Have Recognized the
       Power and Influence of Masonry.

            THEIR  CULT IS  TURPITUDE"   -- Pope  Gregory  XVI
            1831-1846, speaking of Freemasonry, as quoted from
            the Freemasonry Watch web site.  According to Bro.
            Charles Madden,   O.F.M. Conv.,  7 popes expressed
            opposition to Freemasonry, "Freemasonry: Mankind's
            Hidden Enemy", page 36, ISBN: 0-89555-534-4. 

            "I  do  conscientiously and sincerely believe that
            the Order of Freemasonry, if not the  greatest, is
            one  of  the  greatest  moral  and political evils
            under which  the  Union  is  now  laboring.  I  am
            prepared  to complete the demonstration before God
            and  man,  that  the  Masonic  oath,  obligations,
            penalties can not by any possibility be reconciled
            with the laws of morality, of Christianity, or  of
            the  land."  --John Quincy Adams, 6th President of
            the United States, in 1833, as quoted in "Hope  of
            the Wicked" by Ted Flynn.

            "All  masons  above the third, or Master's degree,
            are sworn to  keep  inviolate  the  secrets  of  a
            brother,  murder  and  treason excepted, up to the
            seventh,  or  Royal  Arch  degree."   --Protestant
            evangelist  Charles  Finney,  1869,  as  quoted in
            "Hope of the Wicked" by Ted Flynn, page 156

            "Freemasons, like the Manichees of old, strive, as
            far  as  possible,  to  conceal themselves, and to
            admit no witnesses but their own members."  --Pope
            Leo XIII

            "Centers   of   this   secret  society  have  been
            established  in  every  region.  Nevertheless,  in
            various  ways they more or less openly promote one
            and the same thing. In their plan, they  use  many
            and  various kinds of societies which, under their
            leadership, promote neglect of divine things,  and
            the  breakdown  of  morality."  --Saint Maximilian
            Kolbe, who was  martyred  at  Auschwitz,  speaking
            about  Freemasonry,  as  quoted  in  "Hope  of the
            Wicked," page 153

            "The  Freemasons  follow this principle above all:
            'Catholicism can be overcome not by logical argum-
            ent but by corrupted morals.'And so they overwhelm
            the souls of men with the kind of  literature  and
            arts that  will  most  easily  destroy  a sense of
            chaste morals,  and they foster  sordid lifestyles
            in all phases of human life..."   -- St Maximilian
            Kolbe, as quoted in "Freemasonry: Mankind's Hidden
            Enemy," by Bro. Charles Madden, O.F.M. Conv. Saint
            "Kolbe  singled out for opposition this ostensibly
            fraternal organization  [Freemasonry]  above other
            anti-Christian movements such as Socialism and its
            various branches: Facism, Nazism, and Communism.",
            according the previously mentioned book by Madden. 

            "The roots of modern apostasy  lay  in  scientific
            atheism,   dialectical  materialism,  rationalism,
            illuminism, laicism, and Freemasonry, which is the
            mother of them all." --Pope XII, May 23, 1958

            The  Masonic  fraternity tramples upon our rights, 
            defeats the  administration of  justice,  and bids 
            defiance  to  every  government  which  it  cannot 
            control."   -- President Millard Fillmore,  quoted
            in "God's of the Lodge" by Reginald C. Haupt, Jr.,
            page 180

 III. Freemasonry & Global Occult Government

    A. A Few Famous Freemasons Who Accomplished Great Things
       for Global Government:

        1. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32 degree Freemason, as shown in
        Time Life magazine, March 1949, wearing his Masonic apron;
        Freemason Henry Wallace, who was  Secretary of Agriculture
        in the cabinet of FDR from 1933 to 1940, Vice President of
        the United States in 1941, and in 1945 appointed Secretary
        of Commerce. 

        FDR In Masonic Apron, Life, 1949  Freemason J. Edgar Hoover

        2. Freemason Theodore Roosevelt 3. Harry S. Truman, 33rd
        Degree Freemason, Time Life, March 1949:

        Theodore in Masonic apron Truman in Masonic Apron, Life, 1949

        4. William Jefferson Clinton, senior member of the De Molays
           Masonic boy's club.

    B. Quotes From Famous Freemasons Advocating Global Governance:

            "In the present day  I  become  a  member  of  the
            Masonic  order.  I  see  the wealth and power they
            possess, the influence they hold, and I  think  of
            their ceremonies and I wonder that a large body of
            men can devote themselves to what at times appears
            the  most  ridiculous  and absurd rites without an
            object or  end.  The  idea  gleaming  and  dancing
            before  one's  eyes like a will-o-the-wisp at last
            frames itself into a plan. Why should we not  form
            a   secret   society  with  but  one  object,  the
            furtherance of the British Empire, for the brining
            of  the whole uncivilized world under British rule
            for the recovery of the  United  States,  for  the
            making of the  Anglo-Saxon  race but one  Empire."
            --Freemason  Cecil Rhodes,  founder of the  Rhodes
            Scholarship program, from his book "Confessions of

            "Our  aim  is  nothing less than to create a world
            system of financial control in  private  hands  to
            dominate  the political system of each country and
            the world economy  as a whole.  Freedom and choice
            will be controlled within very narrow alternatives
            by the fact that every man will be  numbered  from
            birth,  and  followed,  as  a  number, through his
            educational training,  his  required  military  or
            other  public  service, his tax contributions, his
            health and medical  requirements,  and  his  final
            retirement and death benefits." --Carroll Quigley,
            "Tragedy and Hope." Quigley was  not a  Freemason,
            but this quote is here to clarify the next one:

            "As a teenager I heard John Kennedy's  summons  to
            citizenship, and then, as a student at Georgetown,
            I heard that call clarified by a professor  I  had
            named  Carroll Quigley." --Bill Clinton,  a former
            Rhodes Scholar student, accepting  the  Democratic
            nomination, on July 16, 1992

            "...Globalization is the central  reality  of  our
            time.  Of  course,  change  this  profound is both
            liberating and threatening to people. But there is
            no  turning  back." Bill Clinton,  Year 2000 State
            of the Union address, former member of the Masonic
            youth club De Molays.

            "God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all
            races, religions, and creeds. This plan, dedicated
            to  the new order of things, is to make all things
            new  --  a  new  nation,  a  new   race,   a   new
            civilization  and  a new religion, a non-sectarian
            religion that  has  already  been  recognized  and
            called  the  religion  of 'The Great Light." --New
            Age Magazine, once a publication  of  the  Masons,
            page  551,  September  1950  issue,  by C. William

            "The  world  of  law  will   not  be  attained  by
            exhortation....Let us not kid  ourselves  that  we
            can  have  a new world order without paying for it
            with in blood as well as in money. Maybe the costs
            of  enforcement  are  too great. National interest
            narrowly construed may well be the safer rule. But
            let  us recognize that we are surrendering a noble
            dream.  Remember  those  lines  of  Tennyson  that
            Churchill  called  "the  most wonderful  of modern
            prophecies" and Harry Truman carried in his wallet
            throughout his life:
            For  I  dipt into the future, far as the eye could
            see, Saw the vision of the world  ,  and  all  the
            wonder  that would be. Heard the heavens fill with
            shouting, and there rain'd a ghastly dew From  the
            nations'  airy  navies  grappling  in  the central
            blue... Till the war-drum throbb'd no longer,  and
            the  battle flags were furl'd In the Parliament of
            Man, the Federation of the World."
            --Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.,  Wall  Street  Journal,
            October, 1993  (Schlesinger was not a Freemason to
            my knowledge,  but this quote is included since it
            sheds light on the sympathies of  Harry S. Truman,
            who was a Freemason.)

            "For  more than  three thousand  years, the secret
            societies  have  labored to  create the background
            of knowledge  necessary to the establishment of an
            enlightened  democracy  among the  nations  of the
            world."  --Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason

            "Obviously  the  United  Nations  must first  have
            machinery  which  can  disarm  and  keep  disarmed
            those  parts  of the world that  would  break  the
            peace....The United Nations must back up  military
            disarmament with psychological disarmament..."
            --Vice President Henry Wallace, globalist, social-
            ist, 32nd Degree Freemason, and occultist,  as was
            quoted in "Global Gun Grab" by William Grigg, p 49

            "I  claim for  my  system that  it  satisfies  all
            possible  requirements  of  true  Freemasonry.  It
            offers a rational basis for  universal brotherhood
            and for universal religion."  --Aliester  Crowley,
            "the father of modern satanism," as quoted in "The
            Secret  Rituals of the  O.T.O.,  by Samuel Weiser,
            1995, p. 25. Crowley was a Grand Inspector General
            of the Scotish Rite Freemasonry (Carrico, page 39,
            "The Egyptian, Masonic, Satanic Connection.")

           "Is it not  possible from a contemplation  of  this
           side of  Masonic  teaching that it may  provide all
           that is necessary for the formulation of  universal
           religion?" --The Spirit of Masonry, p. 113,  Foster
           Bailey, Freemason, a founder of Lucifer Publishing,
           now called Lucis Trust but still publishing for the
           United Nations. Bailey states that  Masonry "is the
           descendant   of, or  is  founded  upon,  a divinely
           imparted religion,' which religion he claimed, "was
           the first  United World Religion. Then came the era
           of separation of  many  religions and sectarianism.
           Today we are working again towards a World Univers-
           al Religion." (ibid, p.31)

           "If we keep  our  Masonic  philosophy  within  the
           framework  of  Freemasonry -- which  means  in the
           Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood  of  man--it
           will  probably  round  itself out in a vision of a
           universal religion, which will embrace all creeds;
           a  universal  government  which  will  embrace all
           humanity, a univeral knowledge which will make all
           mankind  kin,  thus outlawing war, eliminating the
           criminal and bringing about  Utopia..." -- Masonic
           authority  Carl  H.  Claudy, "Masonic Harvest," as
           quoted from secondary source, "Circle of Intrigue"
           by the legendary conspiracy researcher Texe Marrs.

           "One point of this future triangle will emerge out
           of the field of world governments, of politics and
           statemenship; another will appear out of the world
           religions, and a third out of the general field of
           world   economics  and  finance."  --Alice  Baily,
           Masonic advocate, founder of Lucis Trust, formerly
           incorporated  as Lucifer Publishing in 1924, which
           organization is in charge of the U.N.'s meditation
           room,  according  to  Texe  Marrs,  in  "Circle of
           Intrigue," page 177.

           "At this same World Masonic Congress in 1917,  the
           the general guidlines for a League of Nations were
           approved and adopted." --Foster Baily, husband  of
           Alice  Baily,  33rd Degree Freemason, in "Changing
           Esoteric Values," where  he  describes  how  world
           Masonry  was instrumental in establishing both the
           League of Nations and the United  Nations  in  the
           hope  of  establishing a world government. This is
           from  secondary  source  Texe  Marrs,  "Circle  of
           Intrigue" pages 150-152.

           "There is no other means of bringing about a univ-
           ersal human brotherhood than the spreading of eso-
           teric knowledge through the world." Rudolf Steiner
           --  though not known to have been a Freemason,  he
           was an active Theosophist,  and Theosophy arguably
           is an offshoot of Freemasonry, but in any case the
           quote  goes to show how the  occultists are all of
           one mind insofar as they think that "universal br-
           otherhood" can be had by spreading their occult or
           estoeric knowledge,  but since the word 'esoteric'
           means  "known to only the few",  it's hard to know
           how this "spreading" could be widespread.

           "...when   the   struggle  seems  to  be  drifting
           definitely towards a world social democracy, there
           may still be very great delays and disappointments
           before  it becomes  an  efficient  and  beneficent
           world  system.  Countless  people....will hate the
           new world order...and will die protesting  against
           it.  When  we  attempt to evaluate its promise, we
           have to bear in mind the distress of a  generation
           or  so of malcontents,  many of them quite gallant
           and graceful  looking  people."  -- Freemason, and
           socialist spy, H.G. Wells, as quoted from his book
           The New World Order", 1940.

           "Let the lower interest be betrayed to the higher,
           the particular benefit of any given country to the
           Commonwealth of the whole world"  -- Freemason and
           black witch, Aleister Crowely, as quoted in "Blood
           At the Altar" by Craig Heimbitchner

           "When  the  Masonic Temple  shall  shine  over the 
           whole universe,  when its  roof  shall be the blue 
           heaven,  the poles its  wall,  the Throne  and the 
           Church its  pillars,  then will the  powers of the
           earth themselves bow down before it,  will deliver 
           into  our hands  the  domination  of the world and 
           bequeth that  freedom to the  people which we have  
           laid up in  store for them.  May the Master of the 
           world give us yet another hundred years,  and then 
           shall we attain that end so ardently desired"
           Freemason Waite, "Waites' Encyclopedia",  p. 74 of
           Volume I, as quoted in secondary source, "The Gods
           of the Lodge" by Reginald C. Haupt, Jr.   

    C. Masonic Oaths Which Transcend National Alliegances, Thereby
       Establishing a Requirement or Obligation to Serve the Goals
       of International Freemasonry Above National Security or the
       ideals embodied in the United States Constitution. 

       John Quincy Adams, among other famous anti-Masons,  pointed
       out that the oaths which Freemasons are required to take as
       part of Masonic ritual, quite apart from being barbaric and
       contrary to the Constitutional prohibition against cruel  &
       unusual punishments, superceed oaths of National allegiance
       and as such are aguably treasonous.   Whether treasonous or
       not, however, the Masonic oaths,  which are taken by Masons
       throughout the world,  establish a commitment to  serve the
       interests of international Freemasonry above God or country
       as the quotes that  follow,  taken from John Quincy Adams's
       letters, attest:

           "The  Entered  Apprentice promises never to reveal
           to any person under the  canopy  of  heaven,  that
           which  the  laws  of his country may, the next day
           after he makes the promise, make it  his  duty  to
           reveal to any court of justice before which he may
           be summoned to appear or to any committee  of  the
           legistlature  of the Sates in which he resides, or
           of the Union. The promise is, therefore, unlawful,
           by  its  universality."  --Former  President  John
           Quincy Adams, from "Letters on Freemasonry,"  page
           86 (Here Quincy is refering to the first intiatory
           oath taken by all Masons)

           "This is the oath, which, in many of the  chapters
           of the state of New York, pledges the candidate to
           conceal the secrets of the Royal  Arch  Companion,
           communicated  to  him  as such--murder and treason
           not excepted. It pledges  him  also  to  assist  a
           brother   companion  to  extricate  him  from  his
           difficulties, whether he be right  or  wrong."  --
           John  Quincy Adams, "Letters On Freemasonry," page
           132. Here he is writing about the Royal Arch Oath,
           as quoted below.

           "I  furthermore  promise  and  swear,  that I will
           assist a companion Royal Arch Mason,  when  I  see
           him  engaged  in  any difficulty, and will espouse
           his cause so far as  to  extricate  him  from  the
           same,  whether  he  be right or wrong." (This is a
           direct quote from the Masonic Royal Arch Oath,  as
           quoted in the Appendix of "Letters On Freemasonry"
           by J.Q. Adams.


       To sum up,  evidence  has been presented here to support the
       claim, first, that Freemasonry is an  occult  organization--
       probably  Luciferian  in the upper echelons--as evidenced by
       the nature of its symbology and teachings, as well as by the
       testimony  of  former  high ranking Masons who defected from
       Freemasonry.  Second,  that  Freemasonry  wields  tremendous
       power  and  exerts  a considerable influence over society as
       evidenced by the indelible  mark it has left on the  world's
       architecture,  monuments,  and culture,  as well as the many
       famous and powerful Freemasons who left their mark,  not  to
       mention  the recognition of this Masonic influence by famous
       people not involved in Freemasonry.  Lastly, to  support the
       claim that Freemasonry supports globalization, i.e., the New
       World Order, evidence was presented  to  show,  first,  that
       many,  if not most, famous and powerful Freemasons advocated
       or advanced global government;  also, that their religion or
       philosophy is not only consistent with the  notion of  world
       government and a one-world religion, but, in  fact, as  with
       other esoteric societies which dip from the  well of ancient
       mystery religions, it's arguably their highest, most sacred,
       and solemn duty to advance what they call  "world unity" and
       "universal brotherhood", as  indicated by their own writings
       and words.  

       APPENDIX A: Quotes by Freemasons on Blood Rituals
       APPENDIX B: Scriptural Evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse
       APPENDIX C: Evidence of Satanism in the World
       APPENDIX D: Freemasonry and Christianity
       APPENDIX E: Freemasonry & the 20th Century Occult Revival
       by David Carrico


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