01] JFK_CO~1.MP3 Speach by JFK to the press corps, where he warns the world about Secret Societies
"The murder of of American President John F. Kennedy brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure being applied by the U.S. administration on the government of Israel to discontinue the nuclear program..." -- Reuven Pedatzer in Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, February 5, 1999, according to Michael Collins Piper, "Final Judgment"
02] SCHULLER.MP3 Rev. Robert Schuller says that it's OK to be a Christian and a Freemason.
03] BOLLYN01.MP3 Interview with Christopher Bollyn, former investigative journalist with AFP, where he talks about the Mosad's influence in software and communications companies in the U.S. (Christopher Bollyn's website is
04] CABALA01.MP3 Interview with Ted Pike on the Kabbalah
05] CABALA02.MP3 Interview with Ted Pike on the Kabbalah, part II
06] Smith06Jan2006_PikeZionismHistory1.mp3 Interview with Ted Pike on Zionism, part I (Ted Pike's website is
07] Interview with Ted Pike on the history of Zionism, part II
08] Smith28Feb2006_PikeScofield.mp3 Interview with Ted Pike, author of Israel, Our Duty, Our Dilemma, on the Zionist influence on the Scofield Bible
09] JOANVEON.MP3 Incredible interview with the great American Patriot, Joan Veon (downloaded from Interview is about her new revelations concerning the Rothchilds.
10] DarylBradfordSmith_Griggs-5Sep2006.mp3 Interview with Kay Griggs
11] DarylBradfordSmith-Black-Pope.mp3 Daryl Bradford Smith on the "Black Pope" (from
12] JimConditJr_Vatican-Sep2006.mp3 Jom Condit interview on the alleged Judeo-Masonic takeover of the Catholic Church in 1958.
13] FC 381204 The Jew, The Christian And Persecution.mp3 Father Coughlin
"'Nothing in the universe happens by accident,' Rabbi Meir Eyshurun of the Kabbalah Center in Boca Rataon, Florida, told a reporter for the Palm Beach Post. 'Somebody in the [Kennedy] family did something to open the family to this negative energy, and that has been plaguing the Kennedies for decades.' According to a story that is told in mystical Jewish circles....[JFK's father] Joseph Kennedy....returned to the United States aboard an ocean liner that was also carrying Israel Jacobson, a poor Lubavitcher rabbi, and six of his yeshiva students, who were fleeing the Nazis. A notorious anti-Semite, Kennedy complained to the captain that the bearded, black-clad Jews were uspsetting the first class passengers by praying on the Jewish high holy day of Rosh Hashanah...In retaliation, or so the story goes, Rabbi Jacobson put a curse on Kennedy, damming him and all his male offspring to tragic fates." - Edward Klein, fomer Editor-in-Chief of The NYT Magazine, "The Kennedy Curse", NY, St. Martins Press, 2003

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