1] BUSHBONE.WMV Short news clip where President Bush admits on national TV that he's a member of the Judeo-Masonic Skull and Bones secret society.
2] KERYBONE.WMV Brief news clip where Presidential candidate Kerry admits that he's a Bonesman.
3] VIPERDEN.MPG Jesus Christ rebukes the Zionist Pharisees
4] MASONKJV.MPG News spot on the Masonic King James Bible.
5] MATRIX33.MPG Matrix clip on the Gatekeepers
6] RENOCULT.WMV News clip on Janet Reno's definition of a cult
7] POPEUNIV.WMV News clip on anti-Pope John Paul II and the Vatican II Novus Ordo Judeo-Masonic Vatican II sect.
8] 911ISPYZ.WMV News clip of Israeli spys who admit they were in NY to document the WTC terror attack, which suggests that the Israeli Mossad had prior knowledge of 9-11 or was complicit. [this file was downloaded from
9] CSILENCE.WMV The banned video documentary Conspiracy of Silence about satanism and child abuse in Nebraska. This documentary was never aired. Not surprising. While the main media gleefully reported the child abuse scandal in the Vatican II church, what they fail to report with any enthusiasm is that 1) the upsurge in child abuse and other forms of sexual perversion is a societal problem that's not confinded to, nor created by, the Catholic Church, nor taught or encouraged as part of Catholic teaching, unlike other religious organizations, which condone or encourage the practice; 2) many of the "Catholics" involved aren't Catholic in any traditional meaning of that term but belong to the Vatican II sect that's arguably fallen into apostasy and controlled by the same Judeo-Masonic powers that appear to control much of the media; in fact, some of the "Catholic" priests involved were devil worshipers; read Lucifer's Lodge by William H. Kennedy and Blood On The Altar by Heimbichner for more information on this; 3) the Catholic Church has long been considered by various spy agencies as an ideal place to plant informants and spys, since the confessional provides an ideal opportunity to gather information that would otherwise be concealed, and the Alta Vendita, co-authored by a Rothschild, according to Eustice Mullins, contained the Masonic blueprint to infiltrate, corrupt, and discredit the Catholic church.

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