According to Dave Carrico's video documentary "SRA and Secret
Societies",  almost all of the occult societies that  spawned 
the occult revival of the 20th century were spawned by active
Freemasons, including the  Skull and Bones society, as author
William H. Kennedy, author of "Lucifer's Lodge",   points out
in an extract below:


  Quote from: "The Skull and Bones Society"

  by William H. Kennedy,

  author of "Lucifer's Lodge"

Founded at Yale in 1832 the Skull and Bones Society (aka The
Order) came in the  wake  of  President  John  Quincy  Adams
purging   of   Freemasons  from  government  jobs  who,  the
President felt, had inordinate power in  American  political
life.  As  a  means to continue the Freemasonic tradition in
the power structure of the United  States,  a  Yale  student
went  to  Germany  and  secured  a charter from some unnamed
university  Masonic-like  secret  society.  A  legal  entity
called   the   Russell  Trust  was  set  up  as  the  parent
organization  of  the  Skull  and  Bones  Society  and  this
corporation owns all the land on which Yale University rests
and could technically evict this Ivy League institution from
its home. This is the reason Yale University refuses to even
speak of  The  Order  and  professors  and  instructors  are
ordered  never  to  comment to the press about the Skull and

The Skull and Bones is headquartered in a  bizarre  building
in  the  center  of  Yale’s  campus  in New Haven called the
Tombs. The structure has an eerie  quality  and  looks  very
much like a mausoleum. It is reported that the interior part
of the building is decorated with  coffins  and  real  human
skulls   including   that  of  the  Native  American  leader
Geronomo.  Potential  initiates  meet  twice  a   week   for
elaborate  dinners.  Members are called Bonesman. Even these
high society Satanists cannot get away from Nazi  practices.
Since  the  late  1940s  members  of  The Order use a silver
cutlery set once owned and used by Hitler  himself.  It  was
stolen by a Bonesman who served in Europe at the end of WW2.

The teachings of the Skull and Bones are really not too  far
away  from  Crowley's  ideas  and  both  have their roots in
Masonic influenced secret societies.

Jolly Roger or skull and cross bones on black, goes back to the Knights Templar, an organization thought by some researchers to be the founders of Freemasony, and who, in any case, influenced Freemasonry greatly as ample evidence attests. The Jolly Roger was flown by the Templars who resorted to piracy and smuggling after their expulsion and condemnation by the Catholic Church for Satanic crimes, according to Steve Sora in "Secret Societes of America's Elite". At Yale, the bonesmen were known as being arrogant, and if so, this also they shared with the Knights of King Soloman's Temple; according to Sora, in France, there was a common saying at that time: "As proud as a Templar." (Masons also use the skull and crossed bones symbol in their rituals as well.)



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