In the movie The Good Shepard, the man who headed the OSS, which was the precursor of the CIA, tells the protagonist, played by Matt Damon (whose role is based largely on the late head of CIA Counter Intelligence, James Jesus Angleton), that he's Catholic, but doesn't want any Catholics or Jews in the group he's about to start up. The man who was about to head-up a new intel group just prior to WWII, as played by Robert Deniro in The Good Shepard, was General "Wild Bill" Donovan. According to several sources, Donovan, the man who headed up the OSS, actually belonged to, or was affiliated with, the O.T.O., the infamous Freemasonic secret society, whose main mystagogue was Aleister Crowley, the notorious Kabbalist, necromancer, Freemason, spy, and grandad of modern Satanism. For example, John Daniel, author of Scarlet and the Beast, wrote:

"Even before America entered World War II, Roosevelt wanted to know what Hitler had at his disposal that enabled him to gain power so rapidly, solidify control so completely and destroy Continental Freemasonry so resolutely. In 1940, he sent Gen. William "Wild Bill" Donovan (1883-1959) to Europe on a fact-finding mission. 32 Degree Freemason Roosevelt could not have picked a more able man than 33 Degree Freemason Donovan, a student of eastern mysticism. In the 1930s Donovan was featured speaker at the O.T.O. Masonic camp grounds at Nyack, New York. (Daniel, page 673, Scarlet and the Beast Vol. III)

If this is so, then, according to Catholic doctrine, Wild Bill Donovan was no more a Catholic than the Cambridge Five (a Soviet spy ring in the U.K.) were dedicated British race patriots. Any participation in or with the O.T.O. would have resulted in Donovan's automatic excommunication, i.e., expulsion, from the Catholic Church. That means that no formal proceedings or any declaration would need to be made by the Catholic Church; he'd simply be, in the eyes of God, a pretender to the faith and a traitor to the Church he purported to serve, according to Catholic doctrine.

So when the movie makes it look like Donovan was a Catholic, this is a typical Hollywood ruse. Fact is, Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. is based on the Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, and it's patently misleading to suggest, as the movie did, that the CIA, or any other alphabet soup agency, descriminates against Jews; currently, for example, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is a Jew, appointed by Bonesman Bush, and it's well known among Masonologists that the intel community is heavily peppered with the Judeo-Masonic Brotherhood. Chertoff is not only a member of the retrograde racist Lubavitcher sect of Zionist Judaism, but what's more, he has a dual citizenship in the U.S. and Israel! Incredible. Yet there was no media outcry, not even, nearly, a word or wimper, from the Judeo-Masonic media. Compare that to the outcry that went up during professed Christian Ashcroft's ordeal.

It's common practice to misidentify Freemasons who have infiltrated the Catholic Church as "Catholics". According to the oft repeated, publicly stated, official declarations of the Catholic Church, nobody who is a Freemason, or who even supports a Masonic organization, is a Catholic, and so the terms "Catholic Freemason" or "Jesuit Freemason" are oxymorons, however much anti-Catholic Protestants, or Freemasons, might want us to think that Catholicism and Freemasonry are in bed together. Truth is, they've been mortal enemies since 1738 when the first Papal Bull against Freemasonry was promulgated, and while it's true that Talmudic-Kabbalistic Judaism has always existed within the Catholic Church as a sort of church within the Church, it's also true that Catholic dogmas are obviously incompatible with Kabbalist dogmas. In fact, the Inquisition was largely instituted to purge the Church of Marrano Jews, i.e., practitioners of Judaism who pretended to be Catholics.

Craig Heimbichner, in his article "The Kabbalah of the Cryptocracy", points to the little-known fact that the Skull & Bones Society, to which both President Bush and Presidential Democratic candidate Kerry belong to, bases its dogma on the Kabbalah. As the image here shown attests, the Qabalah teaches the paradoxical occult doctrine that from death comes life, so in this ideograph, flowers bloom from a human skull--this is exactly what the Bonesmen are said to believe. In the movie The Good Shepard, the protagonist, played by Matt Damon, meets Donovan at a Skull & Bones get-together, so while the movie does suggest that Donovan was involved in what is well known as an occult organization, Skull and Bones, it leads the audience to think that he was an anti-semitic Catholic as well. Not so and not possible. Not only was "Wild Bill" a Freemason, but Angelton, who is portrayed in the move as a racist WASP, was in fact a Zionist stoodge, according to some reports. According to the author of Final Judgement, Angleton was involved in the assasination of the only Catholic President in the history of the U.S., JFK, who was arguably assasinated by elements within the Judeo-Masonoic cryptocracy, the Israeli Mossad, and the Jewish controlled mafia.




[Note: unlike the many internet postings where the geniuses who design prolefeed agitprop plaster swastikas on Bush's arm or in the background or foreground, or put a Hitleresque mustache on Bush's face, these photos are not fabricated or tampered with. They show what the Zionist radio-talk-show hosts try to cover-up; namely, that the Zionists have so much control, not only of talk radio, but Hollywood, the main media, the banking industry, etc., that Bush and company, if they aren't actually crypto-Jews themselves, as some allege, or disciples of Talmudic-Kabbalistic Freemasonry, as others allege, nevertheless bend over backwards and forewards, in any case, to please the Zionist Judeo-Masonic lobby, which must hamper considerably the Bush clan's inner-Nazi from coming out if indeed that's the inner state of their being. But whether Zionist or Fascist, racist totalitarianism is clearly a bad state to be in, so both Nazism and Zionism, or any other manifestation of racism, should be resisted with impartiality.]

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