"The god of the Jews became known as 'Iao', which is an
ancient Mystery name of Dionysus." The Jesus Mysteries,
page 178, by Freke and Gandy

"This name I.A.O. is qabalistically identical with that
of  THE BEAST  and with his number  666, so that he who
invokes the former also invokes the latter."   Crowley,

"Siva is the Babylonian Bel, identical with the Sun-god
I A O, and as represented by Lithoi or Pillars."  A New
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, page 405, A.E. Waite

"...I.A.O. as a magick formula it should be remarked is
that it is essencially  the formula of  Yoga or medita-
tion;  in  fact,  of elementary  mysticism  in  all its
branches." -- http://www.sacred-texts/oto/aba/chap5.htm

[Note: 'Yoga' means the process of being yoked with the
god Siva,  or Shiva, i.e., IAO, Bel, or "Jah",  the sun
god.  The KJV Bible contains the term 'jah ' 101 times;
in contrast,  the  Catholic  DR  version  contains  the
string 'jah ' zero times,  not once,  although the text
string 'jah' without a space following the three letter
characters does occur in the DR  27 times in names such
as Jahelel; 'jah' occurs in the KJV 203 times.]

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 IAO, the god of the O.T.O., is claimed to be the Greek
 form of Jah, or Yah; 'j' in 'Jah' is pronounced as 'y'
 according to Mackey's Lexicon of Freemasonry,  where 6
 pages of text are devoted to explaining 'Jehovah', the
 word 'Jah ' is shorthand for Jehovah: "Jah. The Syriac
 name of God.  It was  also used  by the Hebrews  as an
 abbreviation of  Jehovah,  and seems to have been well
 known to the Gentile nations as the triliteral name of
 God;  for,  although biliteral among the  Hebrews,  it
 assumed among  Greeks the  triliteral  form,  as  AIΩ.
 Macroius,  in his  Saturnalia,  says that this was the
 sacred  name  of the  Supreme Diety,  and the  Clarian
 Oracle being asked which of the gods was Jao, replied,
 'The  initiated are bound to  conceal  the  mysterious
 secrets.   Learn thou that AIΩ is the Great God..."

 In the occult, 'AIΩ' is suggestive in meaning to 'IAO'
 because the 'O' letter signifies the Ourobouros, which
 is the "the Alpha and Omega",  as explained by Clymer,
 a Freemason,  in his book  "The Mysteries of Osiris or
 Ancient Egptian Initiation", p. 137:  "The letter 'I',
 or  rather the  erect -  upstanding  pillar- creative,
 denoting the wisdom and strength that stands alone and
 is  self-existing.  The letter  'A',  is  a pyramid or
 mountain of strength. The 'O' is the serpent with  its
 tail in its mouth", i.e., "the Alpha and Omega."

The Eye Is Watching by Joe Sansone, USA Daily, 11/30/2002

"In J.R.R. Tolkien's fantastic work of fiction The Lord of the Rings, the dark lord Sauron, not yet able to maintain a physical form, attempting to dominate middle earth, is depicted as an evil eye. Able to penetrate time, space, and the human mind, the evil force sought to dominate 'Middle Earth'.

In a bizarre and frightening case of life imitating art, the United States defense department has created an office that seeks those same limitless powers as Tolkien's dark lord. The Information Awareness Office (IAO) seeks what it calls 'Total Informatoin Awareness'. The agency even adopted the new world symbol of the pyramid with the all knowing eye hovering above it....

Any reasonable American citizen, with the exception of pure left wing totalitarians , must find a visit to the IAO website chilling. It is like something out of a sci-fi horror movie, only, it is real...."

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