This November 14, 2002, NYT Op-ed story is arguably a red herring, or what is called in the intel community a "limited hangout", i.e., a news report that reveals certain incriminating and damaging facts but limits the damage by omiting other more damaging information.

Here Safire, an ardent pro-Israeli writer, "longtime supporter" of Ariel Sharon, and advocate of the Iraqi war, covers for the real brawn and brains behind the IAO surveilance scheme by making Poindexter the scapegoat and fall guy, as though he was the mastermind or driving force behind the IAO's proposed "Total Information Awareness" surveillance system.

As documented in "TROLL Cams: The All-Seeing Eyes of GOG", plans to track the American public via a seamless internet-based surveillance system already existed prior to 9-11, and as the name of that article alludes, the plan arguably proceeded under the guidance of the "All-Seeing" Eye of Judeo-Freemasonry, which heavily peppers the intel community and swears its loyalty to Israel in the Royal Arch Degree: "For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular" (Heimbichner, page 89, Blood On The Altar.

In fact, we go so far as to think that the Judeo-Freemasonic network of secret societies, including the OTO and Skull and Bones, remains now, as it was long ago, the real brains and brawn behind the beast. Please read "The Eschatology of Solomon's Seal" for more information.



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