Copyright (c) John Paul Jones, 2007

Recently a slew of books pertaining to Solomon and purporting to unravel riddles of Freemasonry and kindred secret societies are hiting the book shelves of the major books sellers, such as Barnes and Noble. Perhaps to capitalize on Dan Brown's much hyped upcoming book, the title of which is rumored to be "Solomon's Key", books such as "Turning the Solomon Key", 2006, by Freemason Robert Lomas, "The Shadow of Solomon", 2005, by ex-Freemason Laurence Gardner, "Solomon's Power Brokers", 2007, by Christopher Knight, "Solomon's Builder's", 2007, by Freemason and Knight Templar Hodapp, and "The Key of Solomon's Key" by Duquette, another Freemason, 2006, seek to quench the growing thirst for truth in the wasteleand of lies.

Not surprisingly, these tomes fail to dispell the darkness, which darkness they arguably are, surrounding the Solomonic magic that, according to its own practitioners, is the key that unlocks the door to communication with spirits, both demonic and supposedly otherwise, thus leading some to ask if the keys of Solomon aren't those that will be used to unlock the doors of a bottomless pit or Pandora's Box. In any case, the cloak of secrecy surrounding Solomonic magic as used in Kabbalistic Freemasonry is not in any way lifted by lifting the covers the aforementioned books, despite the Nation Treasure(s) which may lie within them, for if indeed we can rely upon the word of the occult adepts, or even upon the dictionary definition of the term 'occult', it's presumably the job of occult initiates to conceal as much as to reveal.

For example, conspicuously absent from these books is any mention of the key fact that the numerological signature of Solomon's Seal is 6-6-6, a number triad having great import, both to Christains, who consider it a sinister number suggestive of the number of the Beast, as described in St. John's Apocalypse, but also to Kabbalistic rabbis, who consider the number positive in that, according to one source, it has "lofty messianic potential", which I take to mean that it signifies the Jewish Maschiach, or Messiah, although I admit this is only the unitiated guess of an uninvited goy cowan. Nevertheless, the point is key, nor is it one that's easily blunted by baulderdash.

Simple geometry, after all, is simple mathematics expressed in a universal language, one that can be understood by all people in all ages in all cultures, provided that they have a rudimentary understanding of simple arithematic, and the hexagram can be easily construed to contain 6,6,6. Hebrew is not needed to smell a stinky fish. Hell hath no hiss like hubris!

In order to counter the misinformation surrounding the "Key of Solomon", the information in this booklet seemed urgent, and given the great importance of the subject as it relates to the mark of the Beast, maybe we'll be forgiven if, in our haste to get the word out, the text is not devoid of errors or ommissions.



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