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JEHOVAH Exposed - A Kabbalist Creation [  Post 294872538

From "Be Wise As Serpents," by Fritz  Springmeier

One  of  the biggest issues the Jehovah's Witnesses make a
big fuss about is the name Jehovah. Christians, they  say,
are  obviously  evil  for Christians are not promoting the
name  Jehovah.  Although  it  is  true  the  Bible  has  a
Tetragrammaton,  even  the  Jehovah's  Witnesses  admit in
their  literature  that  Jehovah   is   not   the   proper
pronounciation,  in  fact  it  is known to be a Middle Age
invention. What is not  widely  known  is  the  importance
thatthe  word  Jehovah  has  played  in  Black  Magic  and

The  word  was  introduced  into  Freemasonry,  not  in  a
Christian  context  but  in  a  magical context. Albert G.
Mackey, 33 degree, one of the  highest  respected  Masonic
authorities  for the Masons states in his Encyclopaedia of
Freemasonry, Vol. I, 1871,

"JEHOVAH is, of all the significant words of  Masonry,  by
far  the most important. Reghellini very properly calls it
'the basis of  our  dogma  and  of  our  mysteries.'...The
history   of  the  introduction  of  this  word  into  the
ritualism of Freemasonry would be highly interesting, were
it  not  so  obscure.  Being  in  almost  all  respects an
esoteric symbol... That this name, in  its  mystical  use,
was not unknown to the Medieval Freemasons there can be no
doubt... It is now conceded, from  indisputable  evidence,
that the holy name was, in the earlier years, and, indeed,
up to the middle of the last century, attached to theThird
Degree,  and  then called the Master's Word...Third Degree
refers to 'the mystic word, the Tetragrammaton.'"1

What was the esoteric, mystical use of the  word  Jehovah?
It   stood   for   what   Medieval   Cabalists  and  other
practitioners of magic called their Satanic Holy Trinity.

E.M. Butler an expert on Magic writes in his  book  Ritual
Magic  that  "...the 'triple name' could stand for ADONAY,
Son,  Holy  Spirit) or any other of the variant holy names
by which the deity was invoked in black magic.  With  this
exception,  the  invocation,  although  there is a learned
Renaissance flavour about it, follows orthodox lines,  and
the  word  valeat instead of salveat represents ... rather
subtle attempt to  make  the  invocation  blasphemous.  It
certainly  is  at  odds  with  'Jehovah's name forward and
backward  anagrammatized'  (a  pithy   poetical   way   of
describing  the method used by Kabbalists to determine the
seventy-two names for God), and also with the  abbreviated
names  of  the saints in the circle. It makes nonsense too
of the conclusion: "By Jehovah, hell and  the  holy  water
which  I  now sprinkle, and the sign of the Cross, which I
now make.' lt would be worse than useless, it would be  in
the  highest  degree dangerous, to call on the name of the
'triple  deity'  who  had  just  been  dismissed  (however
courteously) from the circle."2

The frequent use of the word Jehovah by Joseph Smith, Jr.,
and Charles T. Russell was the impact of Masonry on  their
lives.  C.T.  Russell  disliked  Christ's  name so much he
wrote  the  word  Christmas  as  X-mas  in  his   personal
letters.3  Joseph  Rutherford,  who  was  involved  in the
occult,  elevated  the  name.  Jehovah  even   more,   and
downplayed  the  name  of  Christ.  There  are  many solid
Scriptural reasons  why  Jehovah  is  not  the  name  that
Christians are to promote and worship, but that is a topic
in itself. The point though is that  a  balanced  view  of
scripture  in  no  way  demands  that  Joseph Rutherford's
worship of the word Jehovah be adopted. The over  emphasis
these  men placed on it, was due to their contact with the

Kabbalists  who  emphasized  the  mystery  surrounding the
letter JHVH by referring to the name they  represented  as
the 'word of four letter', TETRAGRAMMATON, and this caught
on like wild-fire in the magical texts. Few indeed and far
between   are   those   modern   rituals   in  which  that
awe-inspiring name does not occupy the place of honour."4

From a group of JW elders at my house came the advice, "If
you  will  say  a  prayer using Jehovah's name, and say it
with lots of will power, you can  count  on  it  working."
Folks,  those  elders don't know it—but that's Kabbalistic
Magic Unfortunately, not knowing history well, they do not
realize  who  promoted the name Jehovah for centuries— the
Magicians of the Kaballist Jews. THE MASONIC HOLY TRINITY

But if the Caballists believe in a  Holy  Trinity  doesn't
that make them Christians?

"The  Cabala  is  Occult  Science itself. It is the secret
theology of the initiates, theology  essentially  Satanic.
In  a  word  counter-theology.  Our  God,  the  God of the
Christians, is the power  of  evil  in  the  eyes  of  the
Cabalists;  and  for them the power of good, the real God,
is Lucifer."

"One cannot be a convinced Cabalist without soon  becoming
a  magician  and  devoting  oneself  to  the  practices of
occultism."5  This  explains  why  many  of   the   famous
magicians   such   as  Harry  Houdini6  have  been  Jewish

In Freemasonry at the Kadosch the triangle is inverted  to
represent  Lucifer,  who  is  said to be the Very Holy and
Indivisible Trinity to which the Kadosch takes his oath of
blind  obedience. The Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
takes his oath to this Very Holy and  Indivisible  Trinity
of  Lucifer  also.7  This  is  clearly described in the 33
degree French Mason Domenico Margiotta's book Le Culte  de
la  Nature  dans  la  Franc-Maconnerie universelle. Is the
reader surprised that  a  Mason  would  publish  something
saying their Holy Trinity is the Trinity of Lucifer?

Mackey  in  his  Ency.  of  Freemasonry,  1887  ed., p.617
explains   that   "The   objection   to   treatises    and
disquisitions  on  Masonic  subjects, that there is danger
through them  of  giving  too  much  light  to  the  world
without, has not the slightest support from experience. In
England,  in  France,  and  in   Germany,   scarcely   any
restriction  has  been observed by Masonic writers, except
as to what is emphatically esoteric; and  yet  we  do  not
believe that the profane world is wiser in those countries
than in our own in respect to the secrets of  Freemasonry.
In  the  face of these publications, the world without has
remained as ignorant of... our art, as if no work had ever
been  written on the subject.... The truth is that men who
are not Masons never read authentic  Masonic  works.  They
have no interest in the topics discussed,... "

This Author agrees with Mackey. When this Author has tried
to show what the Masons are about, few  people  will  even
accord  the  courtesy of even a few seconds of their time.
Even when people are willing to spend a few  minutes,  how
can  a  few  moments  dispel all the Masonic smokescreens.
Some read that the Masons believe in a  Holy  Trinity  and
conclude  they  are solid Christians. If such men believed
in the Christian  Trinity,  why  have  most  of  the  most
anti-Christian   philosophers  and  writers  been  fervent
Freemasons? Masonry and Christianity are not the same, nor
are their trinities.

"Theurgy is the highest degree of occultism. Necromancy is
limited to the summoning of dead souls, but the Theurgists
of the nineteenth century evoke entities qualified by them
as genii, angels of light,  exalted  spirits,  spirits  of
fire  etc.  In  their  meetings,  scattered throughout the
world, they worship Lucifer. The three mysterious  letters
J...  B  ...  M....  that  the common initiates see in the
Masonic Temples, are reproduced in the  meeting  rooms  of
the  Luciferians,  but  they  no longer mean Jakin, Bohaz,
Mahabone, as in the Lodges, nor Jacques Bourguignon Molay,
as  with  the  Knights  Kadosch;  in  Theurgy  these three
letters mean; Jesus  Bethlemitus  Maledictus.  Theurgy  is
therefore pure Satanism."8

The  Cabalists  and Masons profess to practice white magic
and refer to Theurgy as black magic.

What the reader sees here is a common tactic by the devote
Satanists. Theyrename or slightly disguise their symbolism
and foister it upon groups of people that don't know  what
they  are  really worshipping or getting into. Albert Pike
states in Moral  and  Dogma  that  the  lower  levels  are
deceived.9 They have been deceived from the very beginning
of the Masonic  Lodge.  The  Masonic  symbolism  from  the
beginning  has  its  origins  in  the  occult.  It  use of
Christian symbols is esoteric.


This chapter will explore the relationship  of  Watchtower
symbology  and  their  special words to the Masons and the

A VISITOR The young blond girl in a patterned dress at  my
door  stammered  and  shook  a  little as a Matronly older
woman looked on and observed her  memorized  presentation.
"This  is  the  great issue that faces everyone," she said

And indeed the cover of her  Watchtower  magazine10  said,
"The  Great  Issue  Faces You," along with a picture of an
old man with stars surrounding him.

As a scholar of the Watchtower Society, my  curiosity  was
aroused, What is the great issue?

Her  visit  had  caught  our family at an unfortunate time
when I couldn't invite them in. I took her magazines,  and
silently  prayed she'd keep her word to return on her back
call, which she didn't unfortunately.

I opened the magazine. What is the great issue—was it sin?
That  certainly  was  Christ's  great  issue,  his central
message was man's slavery to sin. He preached  that  theme
from several different angles. The captives he came to set
free were the captives of sin. Those he was able to bless,
were  those  poor  in  spirit,  that is those who realized
their sinful nature.

The apostle Paul continued Christ's message on sin.  "This
righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ
to all who believe. There is no difference, for  all  have
sinned  and  fall  short  of  the  glory  of  God, and are
justified freely by his grace through the redemption  that
came by Christ Jesus." (Rom. 3:22-24)

Even  the  Apostle  John,  a favorite among the Masons and
other esoteric groups made sin the  great  issue.  "If  we
claim  to  be  without  sin,  we deceive ourselves and the
truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful
and  just  and will forgive us our sins and purify us from
all unrighteousness." (I Jn. 1:8,9)

So what was the Watchtower's Great Issue?

At the end of page three, which is the first  article,  we
learn  the  answer,  "In fact, the great issue facing each
one of us is whether we accept or reject  the  sovereignty
of  God,  "whose  name  alone  is  JEHOVAH."  Having  been
associated with Jehovah's Witnesses, I knew that the issue
of  God's  Sovereignty meant Jehovah's name. For instance,
Moses had done all he did to Pharoah and the Egyptians the
JWs  had  instructed  me, solely to teach them his name is
pronounced Jehovah.

Knowing this, it was fairly certain what would  follow  in
the  Watchtower  article, "The time must come when he will
resolve all  aspects  of  this  issue  of  sovereignty  in
harmony  with  his  own stated purpose: "They will have to
know that I am Jehovah."11

And there they did it again.  The  WT  Soc.  has  taken  a
Biblical  concept  the  Sovereinty of God and perverted it
into a test of "Are they promoting  the  word  Jehovah  or

The real issue is not whether some magical word Jehovah is
promoted or not. The issue is sin.

If you want words the Hare Krishna's have  magical  words.
"Hare  Krishna,  Hare  Krishna,  Krishna  Krishna, Krishna
Krishan, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama,  Hare
Hare, " they chant.

If  you  want magical words the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will
give you for around $20 a mantra (the name of  some  Hindu
deity picked especially for you) to relax with.

These  groups all have plenty of magical words to save us,
but what do they say about sin?

Transcendental Meditation (TM) says  sin  is  a  state  of
mind.  Hare  Krishnas  see  sin  as  something that can be
purged with eating, clapping and dancing.  The  Watchtower
Society  chooses to believe that the results of sin can be
ignored, for in the New order sinfull mankind  will  teach
himself  to  be  perfect  with  the  aid  of 144,000 elite
teachers.  The  guilt,  the  horror,  and  the  need   for
confession of sin eludes their religious teachings.

Christianity realizes sin, realizes the guilt man has, his
need to confess his sin to God, and his need  to  rely  on
God for salvation.


The WTs answer to the public was given in the  WT  May  1,
1987  issue  pg.30.  Their  answer  is that the greek word
kosmos allows them to fittingly speak  of  a  coming  "new
world."  To quote, "But the Biblical use of Ko'smos allows
for a Christian to speak of a 'new world'  when  referring
to  the coming Paradise restored on earth." This answer is
good fodder  for  brain-washed  androids,  but  is  not  a
responsible  answer  at  all. Strong's Concordance's Greek
dictionary indicates that the word kosmos (word  #2889  in
the  dict.) probably came from a root word meaning orderly
arrangement such as a decoration, and by implication means
the  world. The Bible however does not speak anywhere of a
new world order or a new order.

AT-ONE-MENT Did Russell coin the  breakdown  of  the  word
atonement   into   At-one-ment?   Hardly,   the  Christian
Scientists and the  Masons  were  using  such  phraseology
before Russell. Russell used it as the title of an approx.
500 page book he put  out  in  1899.  An  example  of  the
Masonic use of the term is an article in the Mar. 1923 New
Age Magazine entitled "TOWARD AT-ONE-MENT".12

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