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Occult Theocracy

[Some speculate that Edith Starr Miller, pictured here, whose pen name was Lady Queensborough, died prematurely under unusual circumstances because a Masonic assasination contract had been put out on her life for exposing the Judaic-Zionist-Masonic occult conspiracy. In any case, what follows is a brief commentary by Bentkowski, followed by an excerpt from Queensborough's Occult Theocracy.]

By Edith Starr Miller


© 2004 Kent Daniel Bentkowski

A few years back, a little known book dealer was offering a curious title. It was called Occult Theocracy by a woman named Edith Starr Miller using the pen name of Lady Queenborough. The book is a fascinating look into the various occult traditions from the 16th century to the early 20th century (the book was privately published in 1933), after the author died in mysterious circumstances. Perhaps, she had revealed too much of the truth? After I had the chance to study the book intimately, I could certainly understand why someone wanted Miller to stop revealing esoteric secrets of the various occult orders reviewed in her book.

I am under no oath of any organized lodge system; I am self-initiated so that I may speak freely about any aspect of this subject. The point and intent of my teaching is to explore some of the knowledge to which the vast majority on this planet have been prevented proper access --- the knowledge and the wisdom of the ancient magi.

This particular book dealer was offering the book for a ridiculously low price, considering its’ rarity. To be honest, it is one of the most useful books I have ever seen on occult history. I would honestly consider this to be one of the most treasured history books in my entire library. In its’ 741 (!!) pages, the book packs quite a punch. Easily one of the best things about it is that it was written and published at a time when people still cared about the greater mysteries of life and the universe. This was decades before the highly-insulting pejorative term ‘conspiracy theory’ came into being; and way before the Kennedy assassinations --- JFK, RFK, and JFK Jr.

The following is a book excerpt regarding matters of importance to both the study and understanding of magick and the workings of the various occult groups throughout history, from the 16th century until the first third of the 20th century. However, this essay will deal exclusively with the subjects of occultism and in particular, the O.T.O. It has been typed exactly as it appears in the original book. It makes for captivating reading and should be of certain interest to the students of Maybe Logic Academy, as it covers material in a depth that is almost non-existent in today’s world.

However, one unfortunate thing about the book, is that by her comments, Miller appears to have been a devout fundamentalist Christian, and any and everything that is the least bit different or against the strict dogma of the Catholic Church, she labels Satanic. Some have attempted to label this work unreliable, because of Miller’s religious views. However, a great deal of this material has since been validated by the work of subsequent researchers. Of the material here that cannot be found anywhere else, Miller’s validation above speaks toward the probability that it was accurate to the time in which it was written.

Frater Kentroversy

Buffalo, New York USA


Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), 1933

This book makes no claim to literary merit. It is simply a work of research and documentation, giving evidence and facts which I trust will help the reader in drawing his own conclusions.

In the course of my researches as an international political investigator into the causes of social unrest, I have probed the depths of infamy which now surrounds, not ours only, but also the next generation, whose right to lead a decent life should be as good as was ours. As a woman of the world I have witnessed things the existence of which I did not suspect and I have realised that, due to my ‘protected’ position in life, they should never have been expected to have come to my knowledge. Let me tell every woman, how evermuch ‘protected,’ whether Dairymaid or Duchess, that the safeguards which she imagines to be thrown around herself are but a mirage of the past. Her own and her children's future are at the mercy of those ‘forces’ the activities of which it has been my business for the last ten years, to follow as one of a group of investigators.

Today, most of the good people are afraid to be good. They strive to be broadminded and tolerant! It is fashionable to be tolerant but mostly tolerant of evil --- and this new code has reached the proportions of demanding intolerance of good. The wall of resistance to evil has thus been broken down and no longer affords protection to those who, persecuted by evil doers, stand in need of it.

Worse still there are cases wherein virtuous people's good name is relentlessly ‘filched from them,’ but no effort will be made by the presumed good people to rally to their defense. Happy are they if they themselves can discover the cause of their ruin, material or moral, either partial or total.

In offering this book to the public, I have endeavoured to expose some of the means and methods used by a secret world, one might almost say an underworld, to penetrate dominate and, destroy not only the so-called upper classes, but also the better portion of all classes. There are those who feel confident that if they refrain from joining any society or group and avoid entanglements no harm can befall them. To such, let me say that situations can be, and are, created for innocent dupes every day and wrecked homes are the direct result. Neither fortune nor a blameless life led, as it were, in an island of strict virtue in the midst of a tumultuous sea of evil, spells security.

Irrefutable evidence of a particular example of underworld tyranny has come into my possession. The victim's guilt was her reluctance to step from virtue into the mire of evil which surrounded her. Moreover she was intolerant of evil and sought to oppose and destroy it. The case of her persecution at the hands of her foes is complete. She belonged to what is termed Society as did also some of the other actors in this bewildering drama. The world, social, financial legal and, shall we say also, the underworld, leaving to this word its generally accepted literal meaning, knows them. So many Jekylls and Hydes stalk about unsuspectingly in our midst!

From such an example I have been led to the conclusion that, among others, three factors can help one from being completely destroyed by the combined forces of that ‘underworld’: a flawless life, independent means and real friends, all three of which must be backed by a fearless determination to fight evil on all points of the Masonic compass.

In these days when apparently vice triumphs and virtue must be penalized, it may be well for all of us to fight the undertow by which our children may be dragged under and must of necessity perish. Vice rings and secret societies form but one vortex into which youth is drawn and destroyed whilst the "good people", because of their ignorance, look on helplessly in despair.

It is for their instruction that this book has been written. Its compilation has taken several years and, had it not been for the generous efforts of one of my friends, Mme de Shishmareff and of several other persons, I would never have been able to complete the task which I set out to accomplish.

What must concern us all now is the protection of decency or, in other words ugrav; Equal rights ugrav; for such as are not vice adepts.

This book is not complete. It will never be complete, but for the present it must remain as a study of the root conditions which have led to present day subversive upheavals and the overthrow of the principles of Christian civilization.

Edith Queenborough

December, 1931

The Meaning of Occultism

Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), 1933

A summary and some explanation of the principal forms of occultism must precede the chapters which deal with the historical side of this subject, and the objections, those of the credulous as well as those of the skeptics, must be foreseen and forestalled. Many persons are tempted to deny, arbitrarily and without examination, statements on matters of which they have no previous knowledge, but even the possible criticism of such as those must have received due consideration.

In this age of wireless and aeroplanes, one of the fads of the modern highbrow is to scoff at such things as sorcerers, magic, and evocations as old wives’ tales. Tales of ancient history! There are people who refuse to believe in the existence of the supernormal, even when confronted with the evidence. Such are the skeptics who deny everything that magic, white or black, has now as many adepts as ever, nor can they distinguish between the different schools of spiritism.

First, there are the charlatans whose tricks in the line of Spiritism are generally sooner or later unmasked. Second, there are the Occultists who operate in secrecy and hide their meetings from all but initiates with the greatest care.

Many persons are duped by charlatans, so the skeptics persuade themselves of the absolute non-existence of all diabolical practices in modern times. They are wrong. For Occultism flourishes now in Europe, Asia, and America. The Black Mass is said today in Paris and London, and Satanism has its faithful followers. On this subject, one of the most eminent writers was Carl Hackse, who, under the pseudonym of Dr. Bataille, made an extensive study of Occultism and gave his extremely exaggerated views of it in the book ‘Le Diable au XIXº Siecle.’

The following pages of this chapter are mostly either quotations or abridgements from that work:

ocircAccording to the teaching of the Christian churches, God allows demons certain limited powers, but they are not permitted to open the gates of hell and release a spirit at the request of one who evokes the dead. The dead, even dammed, will not show themselves if evoked, nor would evocations be answered by those who had succeeded in attaining the kingdom of heaven, but devils can and do, says the Church, substitute themselves for the deceased. They will impersonate a dead person whose appearance is demanded by invocations.

ocircIt is also admitted that the fallen angels or spirits will often manifest to people without being called. The theological hagiography cite many cases of diabolical apparitions to saints, apparitions which these saints have been able to repel and conquer agrav; but what skeptics and agnostic Christians alike ignore is that besides the drawing room mediums, mediums for diversion, there are occultists whose vile practices are veiled in the profoundest mystery. These men, whose moral sense is absolutely perverted, believe in Lucifer, but they believe him to be the equal of God and worship him secretly.

Modern Occultism is on the one hand practical Cabala and on the other, Indian Yogism, both of which have always had their adepts more or less openly.

The Cabala is Occult Science in itself. It is the secret theology of the initiates, theology essentially Satanic. In a word, the counter-theology. Our God, the God of the Christians, is the power of evil in the eyes of the Cabalists: and for them, the power of good, the real God, is Lucifer.

ocircThe Cabala teaches magic or the art of intercourse with spirits and supernatural beings.

ocircOne cannot be a convinced Cabalist without soon becoming a magician and devoting oneself to the practices of occultism.

ocircNot that our Cabalists or contemporary magicians practice all the different branches of occultism. Some of these have been abandoned and others are only used by charlatans for the exploitation of superstitious persons, but a great many, precisely the most criminal and perverse, are observed in the hidden dens of our modern Luciferians.

Magic has two divisions:

The first is divining magic, subdivided into several branches of which the principal are: * Astrology * Palmistry * Anthropomancy * Oneirocritics * Aeromancy * Hydromancy * Pyromancy * Cartomancy

The second is operative magic, also subdivided into several branches of which the principal are: * Alchemy * Mesmerism * Necromancy * Theurgy

There are moreover some superstitious practices not specially classed.

Bataille thus defines some of the foregoing:

Astrology ucircDivining the future by the stars. The casting of horoscopes is its most prevalent practice.

Palmistry ucircDivining the future by the hand.

Anthropomancy ucircThis is one of the practices supposed at present to have fallen into disuse. It is a horrible, savage abomination, and consists of disemboweling a human being for the purpose of divining the future by inspection of the entrails.

Medieval history accuses Gilles de Retz of perpetrating this crime on children, whom he lured to his castle for the purpose. Tacitus says that the Druids, in ancient Britian, used to consult theur Gods by looking into the entrails of their captives.

Oneirocritics ucircDivining the future through the interpretation of dreams.

Aeromancy ucircDivination by the study of aerial phenomena. Hydromancy ucircDivination by the study of liquids or aquatic phenomena.

Pyromancy ucircDivination by fire.

Cartomancy ucircDivination by cards. [KDB: such as tarot cards.]

There is no need to expatiate further on the more or less grotesque means employed by those who follow these false sciences. One must be somewhat erratic to imagine that the future can be foretold by coffee grounds, by the antics of flames in a grate, by the order in which shuffled cards will be drawn, or by the odd shapes assumed by wind-driven clouds! When events corroborate predictions made under these conditions, it can be attributed to the use of clairvoyance, but those fortune tellers, some of whom have a thorough knowledge of the rules governing the practices of these absurdities, are the first to distrust their art.

Such expedients, disdained by the real occultists, are too unimportant to be worthy of note. It is quite another matter to expose the Satanists, ignored by the public, whose sects, bearing different names in different countries, constitute, in reality, only one, single, secret religion whose fanatics, imbued with the spirit of evil, will sacrifice themselves blindly to their cause.

Throughout the universe, all Luciferian and Satanic rites bear a basic similarity.

Dealing principally with the practices of contemporary operative magic, it is Bataille’s opinion that as regards the mysterious art of alchemy, its theory is called Hermetic Science and has a double objective, namely the discovery of the philosopher’s stone, a substance capable of transmuting base metals into gold and drinkable gold, or the Elixir of long life which is a magic potion endowed with the properties necessary to prolong human life indefinitely or, at least, to maintain in old age the faculties of youth. Alchemy as a science seems now obsolete.

The Alchemists knew the existence of microbes and toxins long before the medical discoveries of the present age. The laboratories of Satanic bacteriology have been working, for a long time, on cultures of bacilli or solutions of their toxic properties which, even when administered in infinitesimal doses, mixed with food or drink disseminate disease and death, where it is judged necessary by the ocircMastersö that life is to be destroyed. In these cases, deaths occur from apparently natural causes!

He further says that Magnetic Mesmerism is the occult medicine of the Cabalists. One must naturally not confuse the scientists who are at present making researches in hypnotism and suggestion, in the interest of science, with the emulators of Cagliostro whose aim is to procure diversions, often wicked and immoral. Scientific magnetism us still an obscure question being studied by theologians, physiologists and criminologists, whereas that of the adepts of magic has nothing to do with this; it is a branch of the subterranean work that is nearing its goal today.

Necromancy is partly divining magic and partly operative magic. This practice consists in the evocation of the spirits of the dead. Spiritism and rapping of tables are necromancy, but if all spiritists are not necessarily Cabalists, all Cabalists are practicing necromancy. People are far from suspecting the progress made by necromancy along these lines. Freemasonry is yearly more and more invaded by the spiritist element to the extent that, in 1889, an international convention of spiritist Freemasons attended by about 500 delegates was held at the Hotel of the Grand Orient in France, rue Cadet, Paris.

This was only a beginning!

Eliphas Levi, a renowned occultist of the 19th century, writing in Histoire de la Magie, in the following words, sounds a warning to those who, recklessly, would venture into the domain of the occult.

ocircThe experiences of theurgy and necromancy are always disastrous to those who indulge in them. When one has once stood on the threshold of the other world one must die and almost invariably under terrible conditions. First giddiness, then catalepsy followed by madness. It is true that the atmosphere is disturbed, the woodwork cracks and doors tremble and groan in the presence of certain persons, after a series of intoxicating acts. Weird sounds, sometimes bloody signs, will appear spontaneously on paper or linen. They are always the same and are classed by magicians as Diabolical Writings. The very sight of them induces a state of convulsion or ecstacy in the mediums who believe themselves to be seeing spirits. Thus Satan, the Spirit of Evil, is transfigured for them into an angel of light but, before they will manifest, these so-called spirits require sympathetic excitement produced by sexual intercourse on the part of their devotees. Hands must be placed in hands, feet on feet, they must breathe in each others faces, these acts often being followed by others of an obscene character. The initiates, reveling in these forms of excesses believe themselves to be the elect of God and the arbiters of destiny. They are the successors to the fakirs of India. No warning will save them.

ocircTo cure such illnesses, the priests of Greece used to terrify their patients by concentration and exaggeration of the evil in one giant paroxysm. They made the adept sleep in the cave of Trophonius. After some preliminary preparations, he descended to a subterranean cavern in which he was left without light soon to be prostrated by intoxicating gases. Then the visionary, still in the throes of ghastly dreams caused by incipient asphyxia, was rescued, being carried off prophesying on his tripod. These tests gave their nervous systems such a shock that the patients never dared mention evocations of phantoms again.

ocircTheurgy is the highest degree of occultism. Necromancy is limited to the summoning of dead souls, but the Theurgists of the nineteenth century evoke entities qualified to them as genii, angels of light, exalted spirits, spirits of fire, etc. In their meetings, scattered throughout the world, they worship Lucifer. The three mysterious letters J .’. B .’. M .’., that the common initiates see in the Masonic Temples, are reproduced in the meeting rooms of the Luciferians, but they no longer mean Jakin, Bohaz, Mahabone, as in the Lodges, nor Jacques Bourguignon Molay, as with the Knights Kadosch; in Theurgy these three letters mean; Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus. Theurgy is therefore pure Satanism.

ocircMoreover it is important to note that the Cabalists, admitted to the mysteries of Theurgy, never mention the word Satan. They look upon certain dissident adepts who invoke the devil under the name of Satan as heretics, whose system they call Goety, or Black Magic.

Between these two types of devil worshippers, the Luciferian occultists and the Satanists, there is a difference that must not be overlooked. Luciferians never call their infernal master ‘Spirit of Evil’ or ‘Father and Creator of Crime.’ Albert Pike even forbade the use of the word Satan under any circumstances.

There is indeed a distinction between the Satanists and Luciferians. The Satanists, described by Mr. Huysmans in his book, La Bas, are chiefly persons mentally deranged by the use and abuse of drugs, while suffering from a peculiar form of hysteria, accuse the God of the Christians of having betrayed the cause of humanity. They are persons who recognize that their God Satan occupies a position in the supernatural sphere, inferior to that of the Christian deity. On the other hand the Luciferians or the initiates of kindred rites, while still labouring under a strange delusion, act deliberately and glorify Lucifer as the principle of good. To them, he is the equal of the God of the Christians whom they recognize as the principle of evil.

It is necessary to recognize the distinction which exists between Luciferians and Satanists, for their two cults bear each other no resemblance, although Lucifer-Satan manifests indiscriminately to his faithful followers of both dominations. One must not, however, imagine that the pride and satisfaction he derives from this adulation acts as an inducement of to making him appear whenever he is called! Occultists of all schools agree that nothing is more capricious than the conduct of spirits when evoked!

It is well moreover to remember that Luciferian occultism is no novelty, nor must one make the mistake of confusing it with ordinary Freemasonry, the Lodges of which are only private clubs.

Many authors have published books on Freemasonry, some printing the rituals, some their personal observations on certain facts, but few of these authors, having passed themselves into occult masonry, the real masonry of the Cabalistic degrees which is in touch with all secret societies, Masonic as well as non-Masonic, have been able to state that Luciferian Occultism controls Freemasonry.

Though this is indeed the case, neither the President of the Council of the Order of the Grand Orient of France, the supreme chief of French Freemasonry, nor the president of the Supreme Council of Scottish Rites will be received at the meeting of a simple Luciferian ceremony just on account of his title and dignity unless, at the same time, he possesses a diploma of Cabalistic grade which requires another initiation. On the other hand, the first Oddfellow from Canada, a member of the Chinese San-ho-hui of China, a Luciferian fakir from India, all these can visit at their pleasure lodges and inner shrines of ordinary Freemasonry in all countries because, in each one of the Satanic sects, the directing authority is exercised by heads who belong to the most exalted Masonic degrees of the different rites, degrees which are for them of secondary importance. These chiefs, at the request of their subordinates of the Luciferian societies, deliver to them freely the diplomas necessary to obtain admittance everywhere, as well as the sacred words and yearly and half-yearly passwords of all the Masonic rites of the globe.

Luciferian Occultism, as has been said before, is therefore not a novelty, but it bore a different name in the early days of Christianity. It was called Gnosticism and its founder was Simon the Magician. The Gnostics were not ordinary heretics but constituted an anti-Christian sect. To deceive the multitude, they affected disagreement with certain doctrines of the Apostles, and the chiefs selected from among the initiates those destined to receive, in secret council, the Satanic revelation. Gnosticism is marked with the seal of Lucifer. It is contemporary with the Apostle Peter and has continued, without interruption, down to the present day, periodically changing its mask.

The seven founders of Freemasonry were all Gnostics; Magi of the English Rose Cross, whose names were: Theophile Desaguilers, named Chaplain of the Prince of Wales by George II; Anderson, the clergyman, an Oxford graduate and preacher to the King of England; George Payne, James King, Calvert, Lumden-Madden, and Elliott.

Gnosticism, as the mother of Freemasonry, has imposed its mark in the very centre of the chief symbol of this association. The most conspicuous emblem which one notices on entering a Masonic temple, the one which figures on the seals, on the rituals, everwhere in fact, appears in the middle of the interlaced square and compass, it is the five-pointed star framing the letter G. Different explanations of this letter G are given to the initiates. In the lower grades, one is taught that it signifies Geometry. To the brothers frequenting the lodges admitting women as members, it is revealed that the mystic letter means Generation, but the revelation is attended to with great secrecy. Finally, to the Knights Kadosch, the enigmatic letter becomes the initial of the doctrine of the perfect initiates which is Gnosticism. This explanation is no longer an imaginary fabrication. It is Gnosticism which is the real meaning of the G in the flamboyant star, for, after the grade of Kadosch (a Hebrew word meaning consecrated), the Freemasons dedicate themselves to the glorification of Gnosticism (or anti-Christianity) which is defined by Albert Pike as ocircthe soul and marrow of Freemasonry.ö The G which the Freemasons place in the middle of the flamboyant star signifies Gnosticism and Generation, the most sacred words of the ancient Cabala, see Eliphas Levi, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, vol. II, pg. 97.

Let us add that the ancient mysteries of Gnosticism have been known and published in the past. There is no difference between the Gnosticism of the early ages of Christianity and modern occultism. The fundamental principle of Gnosticism was the double divinity (dual principle) and this is exactly the theological theory of modern occultism. The Gnostics claimed that the good God was Lucifer and that Christ was the devil, that what the Christians call vice was for them virtue, and to the Christian dogma they opposed Gnosticism, a word meaning human knowledge.

Early Gnosticism had its doctors; the Basilideans, Ophites and Valentinians. Basilide of Alexandria, one of them lived at the end of the first century. He taught metempsychosis and the principles underlying present day Theosophy. His system resembles that of the spiritists of the nineteenth century who have invented nothing, for they copy Gnosticism even in its theory in the transmigration of souls. Basilide affirmed that he was the reincarnation of Plato. Whoever has penetrated into assemblies of modern theurgists can attest that one of its current theories is that of reincarnation.

After Basilide came Montanus who died in 212. Montanus was a grand master of the art of divination. The Rite of Mizraim (a Freemasonry said to be Egyptian) copies slavishly, in its Cabalistic grades, all the phantasmagoria of Montanus. This Gnostic doctor plunged himself into ecstasies and, according to history, he had two women, Maximilla and Priscilla, trained to act as his accomplices. The Gnostics came in crowds to admire their contortions worthy of epileptics. They had the sacred illness, and were considered two saints of Satan. In the assemblies of the sect, when they went into frenzies and prophesied, their oracular sayings were listened to with the veneration by the adepts. Were they acting a part, were they just mediums or somnambulists, or were they what the Roman Catholics call ‘possessed?’

This is a hard question to answer.

A modern example of the influence exercised by occult organizations on the destinies of mankind is to be found in the history of The Holy Alliance, founded in 1815 by Alexander I, emperor of Russia. This was originally a union of monarchs pledged to support the Christian Church and to stem the rising tide of radicalism, revolution, and subversion.

In L’Histoire de la Magie (pg. 467), Eliphas Levi states that the spiritist sect of ocircThe Rescuers of Louis XVI,ö wishing to penetrate this organization to use it for their own purposes, succeeded in insinuating one of their illumines into the good graces of the Czar. This was Madame Bouche, known to the adepts as Sister Salome. After eighteen months spent at the Russian Court, during which she had many secret interviews with the Emperor, she was supplanted by another medium-somnambulist of the sect, the famous Madame de Krudner who acquired so great an influence over the Czar that his ministers became alarmed at the situation thus created.

Levi thus describes the fall of the favorite:

ocircOne day, as the emperor was leaving her, she barred his passage crying ‘God reveals to me that your life is in great danger. An assassin is in the palace.’ The Emperor, alarmed, caused the palace to be searched and a man, armed with a dagger, was found. He confessed, when questioned, that he had been introduced into the palace by Madame de Krudner herself.ö

One wonders if the whole affair was not simply the result of a clever intrigue calculated to get rid of the prophetess. As such it was singularly successful for Madame de Krudner was summarily banished from the Russian Court.

In De la Maconnerie Occulte (pgs. 87-88), J.M. Ragon tells us that ocircscience counts four kinds of somnambulism: the natural, the symptomatic, the magnetic, and the ecstatic.

ocircNatural and symptomatic somnambulism are two essentially different states, one occurring only at night, the other by day as well as by night. The conduct of the subject is different under the two conditions.

Magnetic and ecstatic somnambulism differ from one another insomuch as the one is commanded (willed) and the other is not. The first is artificial, the other natural. In the first, the subject is dependent; in the second, he acts independently. That is why induced somnambulism cures the natural when substituted for it.

ocircA lucid somnambulist bears no more resemblance to a man asleep then he does to an active man awake.ö

When the Gnostics practiced magic, they evoked the spirits of the dead exactly as do the occultists of today. Dawning Christianity was prolific in miracles so, in order to fight it, the disciples of Gnosticism had recourse to diabolical marvels. In this respect, are not contemporaneous spiritists, with their rapping tables and apparitions, Gnostics under another name?

Secret Gnostic meetings lead to depravity, as the adepts indulge in every kind of turpitude and obscenity, often under the influence of drugs such as Indian Hemp (Cannabis Indica) or Opium, the medicinal properties of which, when administered under certain conditions, are provocative of mediumistic phenomena.

Thus debauched, their moral sense weakened, initiates are ready to work. They work, they fall, and, as henceforth, is subject to the will of the Hidden Masters who, according to their secret designs, will lead their slaves to power, or a semblance of power, or else to their downfall. To use the words of ‘Inquire Within,’ in Light-Bearers of Darkness (pg. 118), ocircThese masters --- doubtless identical with the terrible power of behind the horrors of Russia’s sufferings and World Revolution --- have in reality no interest in soul or astral development, except as a means of forming passive illuminized tools, completely controlled in mind and actions.ö

‘Inquire Within’ further suggests that there is ocirca group of flesh-and-blood men, who can form etheric links, from any distance, with the leaders of these societies which can ‘slay or make alive,’ intoxicating, blinding, and if need be, destroying unwary men and women, using them as instruments or ‘Light-bearers’ to bring to pass this mad and evil scheme of World Dominion by the God-People --- the Cabalistic Jew.ö A further explanation of the phenomenon of induced mediumship is given us by the same author who quotes the following lines from Eliphas Levi’s History of Magic:

ocircThis may take place when, through a series of almost impossible exercises agrav; our nervous system, having been habituated to all tensions and fatigues, has become a kind of living galvanic pile, capable of condensing and projecting powerfully that Light (astral) which intoxicates and destroys.ö

‘Inquire Within’ comments further:

ocircIt attempts to show that it leads to mastership and self control, but on careful consideration it proves to be merely conscious mediumship inspired by crafty and willful deception, giving the adept a false confidence, inducing him to let go his physical senses and work upon the astral, where, enclosed by formulae given by these masters themselves, he is completely at their mercy.ö (pgs. 116-117)

A recent practical illustration of these methods is the teaching contained in a book Asia Mysteriosa by Zam Bhotiva (published by Dorbon Aine), which suggests ways and means of communication with the ‘Hidden Masters.’ It will be recognized by anyone having taken an interest in the progress of science along certain lines that there is nothing impossible or even improbable in the suggestion that telepathy may be exploited by organizations for their own particular ends.

Forty years ago, William Gay Hudson wrote on telepathy as follows:

ocircIf the power exists in man to convey a telepathic message to his fellow man, it presupposes the existence of the power in the percipient to repeat the message to a third person, and so on indefinitely, until someone receives it who has the power to elevate the information above the threshold of his consciousness, and thus convey it to the objective intelligence of the world. Nor is the element of time necessarily an adverse factor in the case; for there is no reason to suppose that such messages may not be transmitted from one to another for generations. Thus, the particulars of a tragedy might be revealed many years after the event, and in such a way as to render it difficult, if not impossible, to trace the line through which the intelligence was transmitted. For the spiritist, the easy and ever-ready explanation of such a phenomenom is to ascribe it to the intervention of spirits of the dead. But to those who have kept pace with the developments of modern scientific investigation, and who are able to draw the legitimate and necessary conclusions from the facts discovered, the explanation is obvious, without the necessity of entering the domain of the supernatural.ö (Hudson, The Law of Physic Phenomena, pg. 236)

On the subject of Hypnotism and Crime, Hudson, writing further, reaches however a fatally false conclusion which for many years, remained unchallenged. He states (pg. 140) ocircIt is true that, on ordinary questions, the truth is always uppermost in the subjective mind. A hypnotic subject will often say, during the hypnotic sleep, that which he would not say in his waking moments. Nevertheless, he never betrays a vital secret. agrav; That this is true is presumptively proved by the fact that in all the years during which the science of hypnotism has been practiced, no one has ever been known to betray the secrets of any society or order. The attempt has often been made, but it has never succeeded.ö

Hudson attributes this reticence to auto-suggestion opposing the suggestion of another. This however is not the case, for, where a member of a secret society or order is concerned, that member was already hypnotized during initiation and it is not his will that guards the secret; it is the will of another, the will of the Lodge. How many people know that hypnotism is about all there is to initiation? Hypnotism and fear. The rest is camouflage.

In the event of this statement being doubted, we quote herewith from Freemasonry Universal an article, which needs no further comment:

ocircThe Stewards prepare the candidate; the Tyler first, and afterwards in turn the I.G., Deacons and Junior Wardens should inspect the candidate to see that everything is strictly correct.

The preparation symbolizes poverty, blindness (or ignorance) and poverty of spirit, --- but it may also signify a purification, i.e., that the riches and pleasures which bind one to the material side of life are discarded and the spirit blinded to their attractions. The baring of the right arm, left breast, left knee and right heel being slipshod, are apparently a reference to the awakening of occult centres in one’s being which may only become active when purification of the whole nature has begun.

The very specific character of the preparation points to real knowledge of the occult physiology of the process of initiation on the part of those who originated the method which has been so faithfully preserved. Certain Forces are sent through the candidate’s body during the ceremony, especially at the moment when he is created, received and constituted an Entered Apprentice Freemason. Certain parts of the Lodge have been very heavily charged with magnetic force especially in order that the Candidate may absorb as much as possible of this force. The first object of this curious method of preparation is to expose to this influence those various parts of the body which are especially used in the ceremony. In ancient Egypt, there was another reason for these preparations, for a weak current of physical electricity was sent through the candidate by means of a rod or sword with which he was touched at certain points. It is partly on this account that at this first initiation the candidate is deprived of all metals since they may very easily interfere with the flow of the currents.ö

--- Freemasonry Universal (vol. II no. 2) Autumn Equinox 1929, pg. 58

All kinds of nice inspiring symbolical interpretations of the ritual are generally given for the benefit of people who seem to want them, but it is here evident that the candidate, unknown to himself or herself, has acted throughout the ceremony of initiation under the stress of hypnotism. No longer a free agent, the initiate takes the oath under hypnotic force which has also been used to instill into him the feeling of fear. Fear guards the secret of initiation, fear born under the power of hypnotism to serve henceforth as the controlling agent of the initiators over the initiated.

The Right Worshipful Master must be a genuine occultist, as it is up to him to charge (hypnotize) the candidate, for to give him this in the words of Freemasonry Universal:

ocircThe R .’. W .’. M .’. gives the light, the pure white light of truth and illumination.ö

--- Freemasonry Universal (vol. V no. 3) Winter Solstice, pg. 108

Illumination, alias Kundalini, alias serpent power, alias electro-magnetic force, alias the Sex Force, etc.! Even in our western world, anyone wishing to study Hatha Yoga can learn to neutralize the action of gravity and go some yards up in the air. This stunt, and the assumption of any size at will, are tricks for which training is essential, and if one works at it hard enough, one will eventually be able to mesmerize people for one’s own purposes, business, political or other, thus following the lure of the occult to a sinister end, i.e. Black Magic. In Hinduism, this is known as Kala Yoga.

We would here observe that the miracles performed by Jesus Christ bore a distinctive feature, often overlooked, namely, that in every case altruism was the source of their inspiration. Thus, they were a symbol of charity. This gives us the esoteric explanation of His silence when taunted on the cross. ocircHe saved others, himself he cannot save.ö Sooner than use his power for personal advantage, He chose death!

Gnostic miracles, such as that of being buried alive for a period of time which constitutes the Hindu religion rites of Samadhi have no ulterior charitable purpose. They are chiefly performed for the object of creating wonderment, curiosity or faith in magic, and as such, failing the altruistic motive, are classifiable under the general term of Black Magic.

As a stimulus to popular faith, they are, however, sanctioned by most Pagan religions, though where such a custom prevails, the magical performers themselves are not privileged to withhold their gains for themselves, as these are claimed by the Temple. Having dealt with the preliminaries of the subject, we will now proceed along the thorny paths of history --- not the history of wars, battles, heroes --- but that of the agents of their being!

Miller, Edith Starr ucircOccult Theocrasy, pgs. 24-43.

Modern Illuminism: Ancient Order of Oriental Templars

(Ordo Templi Orientis) exoteric name

(Order of To Ov) esoteric name

Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), 1933

Modern Illuminism, as we know it, was founded by Karl Kellner in 1895. He died in 1905, and was succeeded by Theodor Reuss, the agent of John Yarker. In 1902, Reuss named William Wynn Westcott as Regent of the Illuminati in England thus establishing the interlocking directorate between Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and German Illuminism. This connection is further explained in the article on Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia in Chapter LXXXVII.

According to The Equinox, vol. III no. 1, 1919, the official organ of both the A .’. A .’. and the O.T.O. initiates are taught that this latter order is a body of initiates in whose hands are concentrated the wisdom and the knowledge of the following bodies:

[Editor’s Note: In the passage immediately above, the true esoteric meaning of the initials A .’. A .’. are given. Even though I am under no oath of the OTO, I do consider myself to be self-initiated into the A .’. A .’. and as such, I cannot share this single aspect of this excerpt. I hope the reader understands my position on this matter. Besides, when it comes to research, I always did love the thrill of the chase nearly as much as the object of the chase itself!]

The Gnostic Catholic Church.

The Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost.

The Order of the Illuminati.

The Order of the Temple (Knights Templar).

The Order of the Knights of St. John.

The Order of the Knights of Malta.

The Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal.

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light.

The Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom.

The Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch.

The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (33 degrees). The Rite of Memphis (97 degrees).

The Rite of Mizraim (90 degrees).

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry (33 degrees).

The Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry.

The Order of the Martinists.

The Order of the Sat Bhai, and many other orders of equal merit, if of less fame.

It does not include the A.'.A.'., with which august body it is, however, in close alliance. This publication also states that ocircthe dispersion of the original secret wisdom having led to confusion, it was determined by the Chiefs of all these orders to recombine and centralize their activities, even as while light, divided in a prism, may be recomposed.ö Secret wisdom in the case of Masonic societies of any kind is invariably synonymous with ‘occult knowledge.’ In the case of the O.T.O. the practice of the ‘secret wisdom’ begins with the understanding of the very name of the order.

The book referred to above [The Equinox vol. III no. 1] contains the following information on page 200: ocircThe letters O.T.O. represent the words Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the Orient, or Oriental Templars); but they have also a secret meaning for initiates.ö

Were we to make a guess at the secret meaning of the O.T.O., we would borrow the words of Godfrey Higgins, the author of Anacalypsis and, with him, ocircpenetrate into the Sanctum Sanctorum of the ancient philosophers of India, Egypt, Syria, and Greece.ö There shall we discover the secret meaning of the Order of To Ov, Greek term for the emanation of fluid or invisible fire. It is the To Ov of neo-platonism of which Godfrey Higgins writes: ocircI am convinced that the emenation of the To Ov was believed to be this fire.ö

The To Ov was supposed to be duplicate, then from that to triplicate. From him proceeded the male Logos, and the female Aura or Anima or Holy Ghost in ancient times always female. The To Ov was supposed in himself to possess the two principles of Generation. The reader who already knows the meaning of this ‘fire,’ otherwise known as Kundalini, sex-force, astral light, etc. will easily understand the phallic hidden meaning of the O.T.O. However, it would hardly be fair to leave such a statement under the classification of either suggestion or assumption. Proof might be demanded, and proof therefore is appended.

The Equinox states that ocircit was Karl Kellner who revived the esoteric organization of the O.T.O. and initiated the plan now happily complete of bringing all occult bodies again under one goverance.ö

In the ‘Gnostic Mass’ printed in the same volume, mention is made, in one of the orisons, of the saints among which are named Karl Kellner and Theodor Reuss. From notes written by Theodor Reuss himself and from the correspondences between him and Karl Kellner, the basic principles of the O.T.O. have become known and bear out the statement that this organization was formed for the express purpose of substituting the phallic religion for Christianity. The conception of the O.T.O. was far from being original but it was undoubtedly reformed by the two Germans above named. The German organ of the sect was The Oriflamme. It was no vain beast on the part of the writer in The Equinox to name all the orders as concentrated in the O.T.O. for proof has been obtained that both Karl Kellner and Theodor Reuss were, among a host of others, in close Masonic relationship with John Yarker, William Wynn Westcott, Supreme Magus of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, a Warden of the Grand Lodge of England, Papus of the Martinists, etc.

Apparently all concurred in the formation of the esoteric doctrine of the Order of Oriental Templars. In the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, is filed a document dated 1917, containing the constitution and certain information concerning the O.T.O. It states that ‘The Ancient Order of Oriental Templars,’ an organization formerly known as The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, has been re-organized and re-constituted.

As evidenced by the Reuss papers, one may gather that the O.T.O. has existed since 1902. Prior to 1917, the official date of its foundation, it was a secret organization, operating under Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites, acting, as these papers indicate, as the link between this organization and the various unofficial occult groups. Article IV, Section 3 of the constitution of the O.T.O. provides that ocircThe person (male or female) filling this office (head) shall serve for life or until his or her resignation,ö and Article IV, Section 4, provides that ocircThe person filling this office shall appoint his or her successor.ö

The prominent persons connected with this organization at its start were: John Yarker, William Wynn Westcott, Papus, Karl Kellner, Theodor Reuss, MacGregor Mathers, Franz Hartmann, and Aleister Crowley. Apart from its secret phallic doctrine, the O.T.O. seeks to unite with a revival of Gnosticism, the study of the Jewish Cabala, Esoteric Lamaism and Indian Yogism. It seeks to extract from their combined doctrines, the practical application of Eastern Sorcery and Western Witchcraft, wherein medicine and hypnotism occupy a place of prime importance, serving solely materialistic ends.

The reader can always be referred to the press for descriptions of the practices of the present Chief of the Order, who was obliged to leave Italy following an investigation into his magic practices at Cefalu near Palermo in Sicily. Calling himself ‘The Master Therion,’ Aleister Crowley is also known under the name of Frater Perdurabo, and, from his own extravagant writings, we know that he looks upon himself to be the reincarnation of Eliphas Levi, etc., etc.

To give the reader a feeble idea of the perversion of the O.T.O., we quote the following:

ocircThe blood is the life. This simple statement is explained by the Hindus by saying that the blood is the principal vehicle of vital Prana. There is some ground for the belief that there is a definite substance, not isolated as yet, whose presence makes all the difference between life and dead matter.ö (Magick, published 1913, pg. 93.)

ocircIt would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary, and devour them while yet warm. In any case, it was the theory of the ancient Magicians, that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to its mental and moral character. At the death of the animal, this energy is liberated suddenly.

ocircThe animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose nature accords with that of the ceremony --- thus, by sacrificing a female lamb one would not obtain any appreciate quantity of the fierce energy useful to a Magician that was invoking Mars. In such a case, a ram would be more suitable. And this ram should be virgin --- the whole potential of its original total energy should not have been diminished in any way. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.

ocircFor evocations it would be more convenient to place the blood of the victim in the Triangle, the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this subtle but physical substance which was the quintessence of its life in such a manner as to enable it to take on a visible and tangible shape. Those magicians who object to the use of blood have endeavored to replace it with incense. For such a purpose, the incense of Abramelin may be burnt in large quantities.

ocircBut the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes, human sacrifice is the best. The truly great Magician will be able to use his own blood, or possibly that of a disciple, and that without sacrificing the physical life irrevocably.ö

--- The Master Therion, Magick, pg. 97, note.

To such persons as have read in L’Elue du Dragon, page 43, the description of the first impressions of Clotilde Bersone (Comtesse de Coutanceau) afterwards the Inspiree (Seeress) of the Grande Lodge des Illumines de Paris, the following note by ‘The Master Therion’ will be of interest:

ocircIt is here desirable to warn the reader against the numerous false orders which have impudently assumed the name of Rosicrucian. The Masonic Societas Rosicruciana is honest and harmless; and makes no false pretences; if its members happen as a rule to be pompous busybodies, enlarging the borders of their phylacteries, and scrupulous about cleaning the outside of the cup and the platter; if the masks of the Officers in their Mysteries suggest the Owl, the Cat, the Parrot, and the Cuckoo, while the robe of their Chief Magus is a Lion’s skin, that is their affair.ö [The Master Therion, Magick, pg. 97, note.]

Animal masks referred to above as being used in the mysteries of the Rosicrucian Order are indeed also described by Clotilde Bersone in L’Elue du Dragon. They were a distinctive feature of the Masonic gathering in the Grand Lodge of the Illumines d’Orient at Constantinople at which she claims to have been present. It is even suggested by Miss Murray in The Witchcult in Western Europe that most of the legends of transformations of witches into cats, horses, and other animals arose from the references by other witches to craft adepts by the costumes and masks these had worn during the witchcraft ceremonies. Thus again, the witchcraft of the Middle Ages is reflected in the occultism of today.

The philosophical teachings of the O.T.O. seem to be adequately summarized by its leader in the following sentence: ocircThis is in fact the formula of our Magick; we insist that all acts must be equal; that existence exerts a right to exist; that unless evil is a mere term expressing some relation of haphazard hostility between forces equally self-justified, the universe is as inexplicable and impossible as uncompensated action; that the orgies of Bacchus and Pan are no less sacramental than the Masses of Jesus; that the scars of syphilis are sacred and worthy of honour as such.ö

Eliphas Levi, quoting from the Oupnek’hat, the standard Indian book on Magic (Histoire de la Magie, pg. 76), outlines the same moral code:

ocircIt is permissible to lie in order to facilitate marriage and in order to exalt the virtues of a Brahmin or the qualities of a cow.

ocircGod is truth and in him light and darkness are one. He who knows that never lies, for, if he wishes to lie, his lie becomes the truth.

ocircWhatever sin he commits, whatever evil work he does, he is never guilty. Even should he be twice parricide, even though he should have killed a brahmin initiated into the mysteries of the Vedas, whatever he may do, his light is never less, for, says God, ‘I am the universal soul, in me are good and evil to correct one another.’ He who knows that is never a sinner; he is universal, as I am myself.ö

--- Oupnek’hat, instruction 108, pgs. 85 and 92 of the first volume of the translation by Anquetil.

Is this not the ever recurring dogma of Manichean Dualism?

Every effort is made to attract wealthy people, mostly women, to the ‘Profess Houses’ of the Order of O.T.O. In these centres, where the ‘Nudity cult’ and other eccentricities are cultivated, the victims become quickly amenable to the insinuating suggestions of such as covet their worldly goods. To enhance its attractiveness to the public, the system is represented as embodying the secret knowledge which leads to material success. Playing on the egotistical instincts of humanity, the O.T.O. attracts within its orbit all those who, with inordinate ambition and limited capacity, hope in some nebulous way, through the Glorification of self, to save humanity.

There seems no doubt that the head of the O.T.O. is justified in saying that this order reigns above all others as, everything, from political espionage to blackmail may emanate from it. Like numerous organizations such as Mazdaznans and Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophism, it lays great stress upon the physical culture and rhythmic movements. Pretences of producing renewed youth and vigour attracts many adepts. Moreover, it promises its initiates the attainment of their ambition and desires. The ‘Do what thou wilt’ applies to this in an ambigious manner. The initiates of ‘Fountainbleu,’ under the hypnotic power of a certain Oriental, said by some to be an Armenian and by others a Jew, have offered the spectacle of automata performing movements, dances, etc., under the will of their master. It was even said that under the will of the new Svengali, voiceless people sang beautifully and in artistic personalities worked as well as renowned artists and sculptors.

Advertising the accomplishment of such feats attracted many people to Fountainbleu. What actually took place there has several times been revealed before the French law courts and in articles written by erstwhile inmates of this institution. As to the American house of the same type, the scandalous happenings taking place within its precincts have sometimes been reported in the press. Yet to the amazement of a great many, such places as the ‘Abode of Love,’ in England, the ‘House of Rest’ at Nyack in America, and Gourgief’s establishment in Fountainbleu remain undisturbed.

On entering the O.T.O., aspirants must acquiesce in the complete subordination of their ‘will’ to that of ‘Unknown Superiors.’ This provision places them entirely in the power of the ‘Order’ and its secret chiefs. Under occult dominion, Art, Music, and Politics all tend to the same end: confusion, a calculated and induced confusion: for minds that are confused will obey and bow to the hidden masters!

The rule of the Triangle and the Ellipse, together with a crude Geometry in modern art, is the rule of Masonry in aesthetics. Standing before a meaningless Cubist canvas at an art exhibition one day, a puzzled amateur asked ocircBut what does it mean?ö To which the painter replied, ocircIt’s not a question of what it means, it’s a question of what is its effect on the observer.ö

Consciously or unconsciously, the artist spoke the truth. Psychiatrists tell us that this school of insidious humbug is simply an elaboration of the policy of the interruption of ideas leading to total incoherence and madness. ‘Cubist’ art is an effort to produce certain psychic effects obtainable by optical illusion. Beauty has nothing at all to do with it. The cubist school is not in the realm of art at all. It belongs to that of medicine and psychic science. Those who forget that this devastating fad of ‘The Interrupted Idea’ can be extended to music, literature, and every other phase of human effort, do so at their peril.

A mind that is positive cannot be controlled. For the purposes of occult dominion, minds must therefore be rendered passive and negative in order that control may be achieved. Minds consciously working to a definite end are a power, and power can oppose power for good or for evil. The scheme for world dominion might be doomed by the recognition of this principle alone, but, as it is unfortunately unrecognized, it remains unchallenged.

Destruction, Materialism, Imposition. These are the three points of Albert Pike, and they seem to be ruling the world today.

Miller, Edith Starr ucircOccult Theocrasy, pgs. 571-581.


Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), 1933

The foregoing pages have had for object to show how, whether open or secret, a great many secret societies, Masonic and non-Masonic, of good or evil intent, seem to function towards the same goal under centralized leadership.

This book claims to be an endeavor to prove that: * Owing to their union, all secret societies, whether political, philanthropic or occult in appearance, serve a political purpose unknown to the majority of their members.

* The power wielded by such societies is real and its character is international.

* Regardless of their exoteric objects, the esoteric aims of most societies are all directed towards the same end --- namely the concentration of political, economic, and intellectual power into the hands of a small group of individuals, each of whom controls a branch of the International life, material and spiritual, of the world today.

The main branches thus controlled are: * The International Banking Groups and their subsidiaries.

* International, industrial, and commercial control groups with their interlocking directorates.

* Education, Art, Literature, Science, and Religion as vehicles of intellectual and moral perversion.

* The Groups already organized throughout different countries for the study of International affairs political, financial, and economic.

* The International Press, the medium used to mould public opinion.

* The Political party organizations of each nation, whether conservative, liberal, radical, socialist, etc. existing in every country with parliamentary administration.

* Internationally organized corruption, the white-slave traffic, vice and drug-rings, etc.

Any one of the branches above enumerated has innumerable ramifications and the control of even the least of them cannot be obtained without money. Money therefore becomes one of the most powerful levers in the hands of men who form the controlling groups. Thus does research in the realm of Finance become indispensable to the students bent upon tracing the real power behind universal control. This power, they will find, is wholly in the hands of the international Jewish financiers.

Glancing at the body frame of all political organizations, do we not perceive that MONEY is its main sinew? It would not sound preposterous to state that the electoral system is similar to that of auction, insomuch as it favours the highest bidder. In election campaigns, the successful candidate is not necessarily the most deserving or worthy of votes, but too frequently he who was able to buy the greater number of votes. Votes are captured by slogans, propaganda, and not unfrequently, bribery. Only an infinitesimal percentage among them will ever strive to find out the power or powers behind the candidate, and by whom he is, in effect, controlled.

Yet the importance of such an investigation is both obvious and necessary, for it is a proven fact that candidates to parliament in one country have sometimes been controlled by a man, or a group of men, in another country inimical to their own. If political control is international it must of necessity be subversive of Patriotism. If it holds in its power the reckless forces of Socialism and Communism, it must be subversive of social order and the promoter of revolution. If spiritual control is anti-Christian, Gnostic and occult, it must be subversive of Christianity and Religion. If it directs vice rings of all kinds, it must aim at the destruction of the moral, intellectual and physical strength of the human race.

If, in conclusion, Finance is power and as such is concentrated in one point, it is the arbiter of War and Peace, Life and Death, Welfare and Wretchedness, Prosperity and Ruin. Everything and, it is sad to say, almost everybody, has a price and can be bought though not always with money. Men who today wield financial power have long since based their system of purchase on this axiom. Far be it from us to suggest that there are no idealists in every walk of life for whom the pursuit of either patriotism, religious mysticism, or philanthropy is unadulterated. On the contrary, we shall go as far as to say that such people become the best tools in the hands of the plotters by whom they are led to believe that disinterested material help will be given them for the attainment of their ideals or aims. The study of secret revolutionary societies will show many examples of remarkable cases of self sacrifice on the part of the genuine idealists. Subversives of either religious, social, and political order have ever known how to make use of such people by instilling into them the super religion of the secret. It is against this ‘secret’ that the fight should be waged. If the aims of secret societies are good, one fails to see the need for their secret oaths and initiations. The ‘light’ they promise, should, like the sun, shine upon everyone.

To use the words of Christ: ocircWho lighteth a candle and putteth it under a bushel?ö

Masonic and secret societies need light.

Hence, Light should be thrown upon them from without that their secrets may be revealed.

As to ‘Toleration’ --- indiscriminate toleration preached at random, it should be considered one of the exoteric bases upon which are erected subversive creeds. Recognizing as they do the practical power of thought, sects induce their novices to surrender their use of this power whose normal function, guided by the individual conscience, is to discriminate between good and evil in order to oppose the latter. Thus, they create a dangerous negative state of mind as opposed to the Christian or positive [state of mind]. The individual when robbed of his initiative can easily be swayed and guided by the will of others. Therein resides the power of hypnotism and in this wise the shibboleth of ‘toleration’ which, in fact, paralyzes opposition to evil, serves an esoteric purpose suspected by few.

If the contents of this book may help in safeguarding the young and the unwary against falling into the pitfalls set by agents of subversive sects, its author will not have labored in vain. The work is far from being completed. It claims, in fact, to be only an attempt in the direction of inexhaustible research work upon the coordination of the aims of all societies whether political or occult. It is to be hoped that others, and may they be many, will begin to work where this book ends, for:

ocircThe harvest is great indeed, but the laborers are few.ö Miller, Edith Starr ucircOccult Theocrasy, pgs. 661-666.

Appendix III: Masonic and Pagan Symbolism

Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), 1933

Translated extract from a document addressed to all the Supreme Councils of Scottish Rites of the world by Albert Pike. Delivered in Paris, October 1885. Quoted by Domenico Margiotta in Le Culte de la Nature dans la Franc-maconnerie Universelle (pg. 51)

D .’. M .’. J .’.

The order demands the immediate enforcement of the D .’. M .’. J .’. nevertheless (Deus Meumque Jus).

At different epochs of the life of the nations which have the good fortune of possessing an active Supreme Council, and from 1820 onwards, certain similar communications have been made to certain chosen members of the Grand Consistories and Supreme Councils respectively. It is necessary to give the secret of this order.

Exoterically D .’. M .’. J .’. are the initials of the motto of the 33rd degree. Deus Meumque Jus = Dieu et mon Droit.

Esoterically D .’. M .’. J .’. are the initials of the words, Destruction, Materialism, Imposition, which ocircImpose Destruction upon everything which resists Materialism.ö

The three points .’. mean that the Masonic work of Destruction, Materialism, and Imposition is triple:

Destruction of Supernaturalism, of Authority, and of Anti-Masonic activity.

Materialism of Conscience, of Education, and of the State.

Imposition on the Family, on the Nation, and on Humanity.

Consequently, the order to enforce practically the D .’. M .’. J .’. nevertheless means.

By every means, whatever they may be, one must Impose first on the Family, and then on the Nation in order to achieve the aim of imposing on Humanity. * Destruction of Supernaturalism, there where the Conscience has not been reached by Masonic Materialism.

* The Destruction of Authority, there where Education has not been reached by Masonic Materialism.

* The Destruction of Anti-Masonry, there where the State has not been reached by Masonic Materialism.

Miller, Edith Starr ucircOccult Theocrasy, pgs. 709-710.

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes. ---------



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