"The whole basis of our theory is the Qabalah...." -- Aleister Crowley, Freemason and father of modern satanism as quoted in Craig Heimbichner's "Blood On The Altar", page 116; primary source is "Magic In Theory and Practice" by the self-professed "Beast-666" himself, Crowley.
Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley (1875 - 1947) was an evil genius and notorious scoundrel, known in his day as "the wickedest man in the world", a designation that he was proud to carry. Although he was a criminal, drug addict, and sex pervert, Crowley's priviledged background, useful talents, powerful contacts, and considerable accomplishments in the dark arts, earned him so much recognition and honor in the Masonic Empire, that he was known to boast that an elephant's knees would buckle underneath the weight of the medals and other regalia he was entitled to wear.

During World War I, he was a secret agent for England, in which capacity he helped generate prolefeed disinformation to convince Americans to enter the war against Germany. Working undercover for British intelligence, Crowley gained a job as a journalist writing for a supposed English-language German propaganda newspaper in New York. There, according to Lon Duquette, a Freemason, Crowley wrote "a series of outragous and insanely inflamatory editorials that hailed the Kaiser Wilhelm as the new Jesus Christ, advocated unrestricted submarine warfare against all of the world's civilian shipping, and boasted that it was God's will that Germany rule the world. The wild statements did not reflect Germany's foreign policy, but the citizens of the United States didn't know that. In short order Crowley's editorials were being quoted by U.S. Senators and congressmen." Nor did this "inegnious disinformation" reflect his own opinions, which is something to keep in mind when trying assess some of Crowley's suposedly anti-semetic statements. For despite what one of the world's most notorious liars might have said, he clearly served the interests of the Judeo-Masonic hierarchy and based his entire magical system on the Jewish Qabalah.

Crowley's father was a preacher of the Plymouth Bretheren, which is often described as a "fundamentalist Protestant" sect. But according to Frank Perida, author of "Unholy Alliance", the Plymouth Brethren brought a form of Judaism (British Israelism) to America disguised as Christianity. "This idea of the Kingdom of God on Earth ruling from David's throne in Jerusalem for the millennium was initiated into Christianity by the British Israel World Federation", he tells us, which was founded by Manasseh Ben Israel and Aaron Levi. (Perida, pg. 11, "Unholy Alliance") Crowley's mother was also a "fanatical" (to use Crowley's description) member of the Plymouth Brethren, which is considered to be a psuedo-Christian sect by some, since they're said to mix "race with grace", teaching that certain people, the Jews, whoever they might be, by virtue of their race, gain special favor from God and merit salvation by genetically determined divine fiat. Perida:

The idea of the Kingdom of God on Earth ruling from David's throne in Jerusalem for the millenium was initiated into Christianity by the British Israel World Federation. The Plymouth Brethren brought this Judaism to America disguised as Christianity. The Jehovah Witnesses, which is now worldwide, preach this message of divine Kingdom. The Mormons also preach the Jewish belief of millenialism. The Scofield Bible (popular in fundamental churches) with its Jewish interpretations of the Scriptures also help the apostasy in the reduction of Christians to the Jewish belief of millenialism.
Thus, ironically, Crowley's reputed rebellian against the "Christianity" of his parents was actually, unbeknownst to him, a rebellian against a corrupt form of psuedo-Christianity concocted in the very cauldron of Kabbalistic con-artistry that he would later embrace as the antithesis and antidote to the "Christianity" of his deluded parents. It's the way with satanists, who serve the Master Deciever, that they themselves are the first to be taken in by the deceptions of their spiritual mentors, since it's agreed amongst them that "to rule, one must decieve", wherefrom it follows that they, too, who regard themselves as rulers, must be deceived, if we accept their twisted logic. Though we may not accept their twisted reasonings, still we can agree that to be ruled by the Father of Lies, one must be a decieved deciever. By persuading America to enter WWI on behalf of the Zionists, Crowley served the "Christian fundamentalism" that he had rebelled against as a child.



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