"I David Berkowitz have been chosen since birth, to be one of the executioners of the cult."
-- David Berkowitz

In Solomonic Sorcery, the hexagram symbolizes the god of the Kabbalah, or "the white and black Jehovah", which god, not unlike other non-Christian gods, such as Zeus, Osiris, or Shiva, represents the god of nature, or "nature's God", because, just as nature contains both good and evil, light and dark, so also, it's alleged by myriad Masonic mystagogues, T.G.A.O.T.U., The Grand Architect of the Universe, exhibits both good and evil, light and dark aspects. The movie Star Wars, which opened in 1977 as the Son of Sam murders terrorized NY, first introduced this occult dualism into the mass mind on a grand scale, as noted by the occult author of Dead Names.

In that same year, 1977, the Son of Sam ritual murders continued to terrorize New York and the 1973 movie Wicker Man flashed-back on the Big Screen in the Big Apple: "The fiery Wicker Man, ancient symbol of human sacrifice and ritual murder, resurfaced into the group mind during the 1970's, when, in 1977, the Son of Sam ritual cult murderers signed themselves, "Wicked King Wicker" in a well-publicized media report", wrote Michael A. Hoffman II in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, available at Therein he also wrote: "In April of 1977, during the height of the Sam murders, 'by coincidence,' The Wicker Man movie was rerun at a Manhattan theater. The word wicker has many denotations and connotations, one of which is 'to bend', as in the bending of reality. It is also connected to witchcraft through its derivative wicca." (pg. 63)

"Even the modern-day cult known as wicca", points out the occult author of Dead Names, "owes the rituals in its Book of Shadows to the Qabbalistic practices of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley". (Dead Names, Simon, page 199) Crowley was the infamous Freemason and main mufti of the OTO, or Ordo Templar Orientis, which is the world's most dangerous secret society, according to Craig Heimbichner, author of Blood On The Altar. As we shall see, key to unlocking the mind bending meaning of these macabre murders is Solomon's Seal, the tell-all talisman of Solomonic magia and murder. So it's perhaps no coincidence that in the 1973 version of Wicker Man, the hexagram, or Solomon's Seal, flashes twice onto the big screen, thus invoking in the minds of the sufficiently adept the "geometrical synthesis of the whole occult doctrine", or what might be caled "the big picture" of The Process behind the programming.

After investigating the infernal netherworld of a satanic labyrinth that spaned the nation and spawned the Son of Sam satanic cult (the Children), Maury Terry, author of The Ultimate Evil, unearthed evidence of what he called "a nationwide network of satanic cults," some of which were thought to be involved in necrophilia, child porn, narcotics trafficing, blood sacrifice of animals and humans, contract murder, snuff films, plus various other elements of organized crime, yet investigations into the crimes had been hampered at times by what appeared to be high-level interference. The evidence, in fact, compelled Mr. Maury Terry to conclude, in one edition of his book, in the last line, that only one word could describe what he had uncovered: namely, "conspiracy." Many other works have detailed this 'conspiracy' but among the best and earliest of warnings was that given by Pope Leo XIII, in his much celebrated and justly famous expose "Humanum Genus", wherin he presents a conspiracy theory that has proven, in the course of time, to be well-founded and timely.

As Micheal Hoffman points out in his book, "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare," the organizations behind the Son of Sam murders could have been easily identified by anybody, including the media, if they had wanted to know, but instead the media seemed eager to accept the Berkowitz-only scenario and dismiss any evidence that pointed to conspiracy and cover-up. Maury Terry seems reluctant to point to some of guilty organizations, perhaps because of the danger involved, perhaps because he'd never get published or widely distributed if he did, or perhaps for other reasons. In any case, his book, which goes in and out of print, remains one that can sometimes be found in the mainstream book distributors, such as Barnes & Noble, and it's well worth reading and impressively researched. Hoffman's research is less easy to access but more succint, fearless, pointed, profound, precarious, and less substantial, at least on the surface, yet more substantially framed in historical context. In Dead Names, a book authored by the person who prepared the Necronomicon for publication, the anonymous yet unabashedly occult author confirms Hoffmans' claim:

"When the Son of Sam murders began to take place, those of us in the occult milieu in New York knew very well that more than one person was responsible for them. We also knew that there was a Brooklyn Heights connection, even after the shop moved from the Heights to Manhatta's Nineteenth Street since so many occultists lived in Brooklyn Heights by that itme: Wiccans, Satanists, and magicians of every variety. There was a small cult operating out of a brownstone on Hicks Street, and another on Henry Street, north of Montague. Classes were still being held on Clark Street, and coven meetings were taking place in various locations in the Heights. So, when the murders began, we knew they were not the actions of one killer; we understood the occult calender being used, and we were aware of the activities of just such a cult that was operating out of Brooklyn." (Dead Names, p. 120)

What occult calender was being used, the author doesn't say, but later the author tells us that the cult's first known murder, arguably that of Arlis Perry's ritual annihilation on October 12, 1974, occured at midnight on Aleister Crowley's birthday. Crowley was the infamous and extraordinarily wicked occult crank, Freemason, and guru of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templar Orientis). The author of Dead Names also informs us that the cult, though seemingly small, didn't act independently, but was involved with larger organizations:

"That a branch of the Process might have been involved was a persistent rumour in those days. That the Sam cult was involved in drugs and prositution -- including gay prostitution-- was also known to us. That they were responsible for sacrificing dogs -- principally German Shepards--was a fact, since a warehouse near Brooklyn Bridge was known to have been used for rituals of that sort. There was also an assumption that organized crime was behind the cult, and that they used the cult as a kind of 'cutout' for carrying messages and, eventually, commiting murder-for-hire." (Dead Names, page 121)

Given that the cult was led by a Freemason, that Berkowitz had studied the works of French Freemason Eliphas Levi, that Arlis Perry was murdered on Freemason Crowley's birthday, that the cult's philosophy, according to Terry, was largely based on the teachings of fringe-Masoniic secret societies, such as the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O., both of which were not only founded by active Freemasons in good standing but arguably represent the true qabbalistic inner workings of elite Freemasonry, one might wonder why Freemasonry is so seldom brought up in regard to the Son of Sam ritual killings, especially given that Arlis' clothing and dead body were arranged in what Maury Terry calls "a diamond-shape", but what might be better described as an incomplete hexagram, or Square and Compass symbol, at the center of which is a diamond-shape. Yet corporate Freemasonry, sometimes called "the invisible empire", remains virtually invisible in most books on the subject, an ommision that's all the more suspect in Maury Terry's book, where the need for a cogent theory to explain high-level interference within the policital and police apparatus is as conspicuous as it is conspicuously lacking.

Mob infiltration, subersion, bribery, etc., while it can explain much, leaves much else to explain. Terry does mention in passing at one point that the Son of Sam Cult was led by a Freemason, thus seeming to exonerate himself from any accusation of cover-up by anti-Masons, yet he fails to emphasize the significance of this fact or the Masonic infiltration of both our intelligence agencies and our police force, or how this might explain the cover-up and broader conspiracy behind the cult, but instead he launches into what seems at times a somewhat contrived campaign to associate the cult with all things Nazi. Nobody doubts the evilness of Nazis, apart from a few Nazi numskulls, but a Nazi conspiracy cannot begin to explain the facts of the case or the cover-up and conspiracy that haunts us after reading a book that uncovers what appears to be a monstrous conspiracy and cover-up, yet leaves us in the dark as to who could possibly orchestrate such a shock and awe and awe sham within the media, the police force, even the judicial system. John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the U.S., called corporate Freemasonry "the engine of consipiracy", and he would have had no trouble recognizing Freemasonry as a prime suspect as the organization behind the cover-up. But to Terry, evidently, Masonry is merely a footnote, a fact worth a line or two of text, while Nazism looms large as Terry's media-sanctioned kicking clown, one that can be villified endlessely without fear of reprisal or rebuke or ADL-FBI-ACLU-antagonism. For example, Terry tries to tie the cult's fascination with the number 666 to Nazism, and to do so, he performs some rather contrived and convoluted intellectual acrobatics.

The author of Dead Names points out that the first known murder of the Sam cult was that of Arlis Perry, in 1974, several years prior to the spree of murders in New York. Arlis Perry, a 19-year-old Evangelical Christian from Minot, North Dakota, had newly-arrived as a newly-wed to the University of Stanford, in California, to stay and study with her husband, Bruce Perry. Arlis was a commited and outspoken Christian, who had witnessed about her faith in Jesus Christ to die-hard Satanists back in her home state of North Dakota. She had also helped her husband's father, a Dentist, who treated inmates at the local prison there, where she might have overheard some things about the criminal underground in ND, where, according to The Godfathers of North Dakota, the mob had been using 12-year-old girls to frame and blackmail politicians and other power-brokers.

This abhorent practice is apparently a nation-wide phenoumenon, according to other conspiracy books, such as The Franklin Cover-Up and Trance Formation of America, and connections and collusion between organized crime, corporate Freemasonry, and elements of the cryptocracy are suggested and substantiated with substantial circumstantial evidence and eye-witness accounts. Maury Terry, in his book The Ultimate Evil records the occurance of several sniper assasinations of teenage girls in New York. Why a sniper might want to assasinate 13-year old girl remains mysterious, but it should be noted that in the Son of Sam killings, the victims were attractive women, else men who, at the time of the murder, happened to be with an attractive woman, and it was alleged that some of the women had been involved in a prostitution ring involving college-girls. David Berkowitz, dubed the "Son of Sam" by the mass media, had informed investigator Maury Terry, while incarcerated for murder, that Arlis had been followed from Minot, ND to Stanford University. She was carefully watched, stalked, and eventually murdered. Author Terry alludes that the reason she was murdered might have had something to do with what she had learned about the satanic-criminal underground in Minot, ND, although that was not proven.

Murdered on Crowley's birthday, October 12, Arlis had been meticulously and mercilessly tortured, impaled, and snuffed-out, her dead body and clothing arranged to form what Maury Terry, author of The Ultimate Evil, called a "diamond shape", but what the author of Dead Names describes perhaps more revealingly: "Her blue jeans had been placed accross her spread-eagled legs in a V-shape, suggesting a diamond or perhaps the unicursal hexagram (an occult symbol developed by Aleister Crowley)". Actually, the form suggested by the crime scene, if we can trust Maury Terry's rather vague description, was not so intricate as a unicursal hexagram. Maury Terry:

"In the words of a church official who later viewed the scene, the sight was 'ritualistic and satanic.' And indeed, it was a vision from hell. Arlis was lying on her back, with her body partially under the last pew in the left-side alcove, a short distance from where she was last seen praying. Above her was a large engraving which had been sculptured into the church wall years before. It was an engraving of a cross. The symbolism was explicit. Arlis' head was facing forward, toward the main altar. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she was nude from the waist down. The legs of her blue jeans were spread-eagled upside down across her calves, purposely arranged in that manner. Viewed from above, the resulting pattern of Arlis legs and those of the inverted blue took on a diamond-like shape. Arlis' blouse was torn open and her arms were folded across across her chest. Placed neatly between her breasts as an altar candle. Completing the desecration, another candle, thirty inches long, was jammed into her vagina. But that wasn't all: she'd also been beaten and choked. However, none of that butchery caused her death. Alris Perry died because an icepick had been rammed into her skull behind her left ear; its handle protruded grotesquely from her head."

Given this description, if we can assume that the blue-jeans were not folded back but fully extended to form a V-shape that extended beyond Arlis's spread-eagled legs towards her head, it would form what is in my view a blatantly Masonic symbol, which is commonly known among Freemasons as the Square and Compass, i.e., an incomplete hexagram, at the center of which is the diamond-shape described by Maury Terry. The candle inserted into her vagina might represent the 'G' at the center of the Square & Compass, which is variously said to represent 'G' as in 'God', or 'Geometry', or the 'Generative Principle', meaning, among many other things, the male phallus. The two trianges pointing in opposite directions are said to represent the male and female principle, which is to say, the Square & Compass symbol is an oblique or vieled representation of sexual union between male and female. It's hard to believe this connection escaped the comprehension of an investigator as well-informed and intelligent as Maury Terry, so we are left to wonder why he might omit mention of this fact in his book, especially when he boasts that he has his "eye on the information" and the information is there before him in "black and white." The symbology of the murder is patently Masonic, which of course does nothing to prove that Fremasons or corporate Freemasonry had anything to do with the murder, yet the symbology should be taken into consideration, esp. given the other facts of case. An internet posting by Andrew L. Nichols takes into account the dual-triangular imagery and its meaning in occult circles.

a.b.c. a. David Berkowitz, who later confessed his entanglement in organized Satanism, studied the works of French Freemason, Eliphas Levi; b. crime scene photo, where one of the cult's victims experienced the harsh reality of "Satanic panic" in the 1977 shooting spree; c. the "Devil's Cave", in Yonkers, NY, one of the cult's ritual blood letting sites. Pictures are from "The Ultimate Evil," by Maury Terry]

GIF of satanic warning found at ritual site. [The bastardized quote from the Book of Revelation that was found at a ritual site in 1985 by Maury Terry.]

The leader of the cult was identified as a Freemasonic Druid witch, according to Maury Terry, and that seems more than likely given the fact that not only was the identity of the leader later confirmed at his funeral, but Berkowitz also confirmed crucial details regarding the cult's leader. Berkowitz had studied the works of French Freemason Eliphas Levi, as well as those of 33rd Degree Freemason Aliester Crowley, known as the "father of modern satanism." A few individuals thought to be involved with the cult, who were later tried for an unrelated crime, were known to visit the Hell Fire club in New York, a nightclub presumably named after the old and in- famous Hell Fire Club that was first established in England by high-level Freemasons. These, plus a plethora of other curiosities, lead many researchers to believe that there was indeed a conspiracy.

Nor is this claim unjustified given the fact that many of the suspected satanists which came under the purview of his investigations, some of whom were relatively influencial and wealthy people, were eventually caught, prosecuted, and jailed for crimes which can only be described as satanic, while others were found brutally murdered--evidently because they were weak links who knew too much, as indicated not only by their known involvment with organized satanism, but also by signs left at the crime scenes. Ten people thought to be involved in the cult died violent deaths while Terry was investigating. Still others, such as Berkowitz himself, barely survived voilent attacks. One example of a murder perpetrated by a suspected cult member after Berkowitz had been thrown in jail would be the case involving a wealthy art dealer in New York, who, in 1985, teamed up with another man at the Hell Fire Club, then drove to an estate where the two men sodomized and killed a man they'd picked up at the nightclub. Due to the fact that those involved in the cult were dropping like flies, Hoffman's claim that the exposure of the facts surrounding the case would only serve to make the perpetrators seem like demi-gods is only somewhat true at best, and in any case, it would be better to stress what is said in the Bible, that the name of the wicked will be blotted out, and while many or a few, no matter, ultimately, may escape retribution in this life, they will meet with the Man in the end and be case into outer darkness.

Above, another picture of the Son of Sam Cult's ritual site, as scaned from "The Ultimate Evil," a book by Maury Terry. As a scan in the image library will attest, Berkowitz not only studied the works of Freemason Levi, but also studied the works of Freemason and satanist Crowley. This aqueduct was connected to Samual Untermyer's estate. "Behind the Carr home, the aqueduct path cut through a wooded area. A mile to the north, it traveled through the lower reaches of Untermeyer Park--a sprawling, fomerly lavish estate that had fallen into considerable disrepair...." (Maury, pg. 192) This area was named after Samuel Untermyer, a Zionist Jew, who had allegedly blackmailed Woodrow Wilson at one time. "Untermeyer, whom a British magazine labeled a satanist, imported stone and statuary from England to embellish the landscape. Other researchers stated that Untermyer had belonged to the Golden Dawn society--a nineteenth-century British-based [Kabbalist] ritual-magic organization that had claimed infamous black-magician Aleister Crowley as a member. Both the Golden Dawn and Crowley would later become relevant in the investigation." (Maury, pg. 192, brackets mine]) According to Fritz Springmeier, the Golden Dawn is the personal coven of the Rothchilds.

The victims of the original Son of Sam cult shooting spree are listed now: Victims: Donna Lauria (shot and killed by Berkowitz), Carl Denaro (shot by a female member of the cult, name unkown), Joanne Lomino and Donna DeMasi (John Carr was the trigger man), Christine Freund ("Manson II," a man once affiliated with Charles Manson, was the shooter, who is thought to be Bill Mentzer, who was later convicted for murder of movie mogul and satanist, Roy Radin), Virginia Suriani and Alex- ander Esau (Berkowitz pulled the trigger), Judy Placido and Sal Lupo (Micheal Carr did the trigger work), Stacey Moskowitz and Robert Violante (not known for sure which cultist did the blood letting on this one, though a friend of John Carr's is suspected.) Other cult members, apart from the trigger numskulls, were involved as accomplices in each of the attacks, according to testimony given to Terry by Berkowitz and confirmed by substantial circumst- antial evidence.

[ The hexagram, symbol of the god of the Kabbalah, long used in black magic, appears twice in the movie, "The Wickerman", 1973. David Berkowitz studied the work of Freemason Eliphas Levi, as did Jack the Ripper, according to a new book entitled, "Jack the Ripper's Black Magic Rituals".
Sam Cult Killings & Possible Occult Timeline
Son of Sam murder Occult holiday
Arlis Perry, October 12, 1974 October 12 (Crowley's birthday)
Donna Lauria, July 29, 1976, Stacy Moskowitz, Robert Violante, July 31, 1977 August 1, Lammas Day
Carl De Naro (injured), October 23, 1976 October 31, Halloween
Joan Lomino, Donna De Masi (injured), November 27, 1976 November 3rd (St. Andrew's Eve)
Christina Freund, January 30, 1977 February 2 (Candlemas Day)
Valentine Suriani, Alex Esau, April 17, 1977 April 24 (St. Mark's Eve) April 30 (Walpurgis Night)
Judith Placido (injured), Sal Lupo (injured) June 26, 1977 June 23 (Midsummer's Eve or St. John's Eve)

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