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"Occult adepts are adept at nothing but fraud." -- Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

As the O.T.O. emblematic here shown suggests, the "Rosy Cross" is a covert or hidden, i.e., occult, symbol which has nothing or near to do with Christianity, save by outward appearances, in that the rose represents the female principle and the cross is said to represent the male principle, thus making the rosy-cross ideograph identical to the Yin-Yang symbol, the Egyptian Ahnk, or the hexagram in its occult or esoteric meaning.

The symbol of the pelican drinking its own blood is a Rosicrutian symbol, one described, for example, by Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree Mason, in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages, where he informs us that the pelican is a symbol of self-sacrifice (p. 276), that mysterious attributes were assigned to it in the Mysteries (p. 263), and that the pelican of the Rose Croix degree is really a symbol of the phoenix (p. 281), meaning, among other things, that it signifies the occult principle of death engendering life as depicted, for instance, in a book by Eliphas Levi, "Mysteries of the Qabalah", where flowers are seen sprouting from a skull and cross bones--likewise, the phoenix is said to rise from the ashes, much like the flowers from the skull. According to a web posting by the Philosophical Research Society, "The Pelican may also be considered as representative of the sun, whose rays (blood) are the life of the seven philosophical planets depicted as the pelican's brood."

In Freemasonry, the 18th (6+6+6) degree confers the title "Knight of the Rosae Crucis", or "Knight of the Pelican." In Morals and Dogma, by famed Freemason Albert Pike, we are told: "The Pelican feeding her young is an emblem of the large and bountiful beneficence of Nature, of the Redeemer [the Masonic Christ] of fallen man and charity....The Eagle is to use the symbol of liberty, the Compasses of Equality, the Pelican of Humanity..." [Brackets mine.] In the O.T.O., the 5th degree confers the title "Sovereign Prince Rose-Croix, and Knight of the Pelican and Eagle." Aleister Crowley taught that in "the heart of the Master, the pelican is attributed the formula IAO: I A O : all that liveth is blood of the Heart of the Master; all stars are at Feast on that Pasture, abiding in Light." (source: www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Pelican)

The "INRI" acronym seen on this O.T.O. ideograph likely has nothing or near to do with Christianity, either, except by way of deceptive appearances and characteristic Kabbalistic crypto-mockery. In his book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael A. Hoffman wrote: "The genesis of this supposed homunculus entity by atomic fire draws inspiration from Albert Pike's cryptic 'INRI' acronym, from the 18th Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry: Igne Natura Renovatur Integra ('Birth by fire renews Life'). This is a parody of the INRI acronym nailed on the Cross above Christ: Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum ('Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews')." (Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, page 209, Michael A. Hoffman II, Independent History & Research, 2001, available at www.revisionisthistory.org) According to Hoffman, in the inner circles of the OTO, "nucleor power is regarded as a form of diabolic consciousness, as a literal demonic entitiy in its own right." (Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, page 208)

Interestingly, a pelican-like icon (a swan drinking its own blood) appears as an image that adorns the first version of the King James Bible. Note, in the OTO icon above, the 7 baby pelicans feeding on the pelican's blood, the 7 droplets of blood, and the 7 points on the crown above the rosy-cross, which may indicate, among other things, that it's no coincidence that the Kabbalistically significant name 'Jehovah', which is said by Freemasons to be the Hebrew equivalent of IAO, occurs exactly 7 times in the KJV Bible, whereas, in the DRV Catholic Bible, the name 'Jehovah' is nowhere to be found. Perhaps this is a covert way of communicating to initiates of the Brotherhood that they had a hand in the KJV Bible translation. In any case, King James was a Freemason, according to many reports, as well as a patron of Rosicrucianism, as certain historical evidence would seem to suggest. He also practised Solomonic rituals, or so says Robert Lomas, author of Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science. These facts may be some of the reasons, among others, that the KJV Bible is the favored version among Freemasons, who used it to swear in George Washinton and other Masonic presidents. In my copy of the deluxe family Masonic Bible, which is of course KJV, much mention is made of the significance of the name 'Jehovah'.

Arguably, King James VI, in whose name the King James Bible was named, could be seen as a prototype of the anti-Christ in that he was known in his day as "England's King Solomon", an accolade with dual meaning as used by alleged Rosicrucian Francis Bacon to eulogize King James VI, to whom Bacon owed much of his swift rise to power--also, later, his swift divestiture of power due to Bacon's involvement in financial scandal. The exoteric meaning of the extravagent eulogy was obviously that King James was known as an exceptionally learned King, who pened poetry and authored many books, including one against witchcraft, while the underlying or esoteric meaning, known only to Bacon and other elite occultists, was that James, as a Freemason, partook activeley and enthusiastically in Solomonic rituals, or so it's claimed, at any rate, by Robert Lomas in his book on Freemasonry and the rise of modern science. If so,--and the evidence is far less than conclusive--King James I would have been the prototypical Solomon-figure, the human epitomy of the dualism of opposites symbolically signified in Solomon's Seal.

During King James' reign, the daily sacrifice of the mass was curbed with draconian anti-Catholic legistlation. These anti-Catholic laws were passed on the pretext of the Gun-Powder Plot, a supposed Catholic conspiracy to blow up King James I and his Parliment. Arguably, this was a a classic case of government sponspored or abeted terrorism, the aim of which is to consolodate power and destroy one's enemies while faciliating corporate unity of the general populace through agiprop directed against the alleged perpetrators of the terror. In any case, it was during the reign of King James I, in 1606, that Saint Nicholas Owen was tortured and put to death in the Tower of London. There is arguably no better example in history of how systematic government propaganda and terror can completely and successfully change the face and soul of a nation. From a devoutly Catholic country, England became the most anti-Catholic Protestant nation in the world.

Although King James VI of Scotland (later known as King James I of United Britian and Scotland) seemed somewhat reluctant to crack down on Catholicism, possibly because, in part, his deceased mother was Catholic, young James was raised by strict Scottish Presbyterians who had adopted the slave-will theory, as set forth by the leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, in his book "On The Bondage of The Will". This was the same dogma that was adopted by rebel Jan Hus, a Jew, who supposedly inspired the Bohemians rebels, or Hussites, the precursors of Protestantism, against whom five Catholic crusades were launched, none of which succeeded in completely crushing the sect, the remnant of which survived as a movement to support Martin Luther in his break with the Catholic Church. Arguably, in claiming this slave-will heresy as his own, Luther commited himself, perhaps unconsciously, to the god of the Kabbalah, as signified by the hexagram, for if there's no free will, there's no will that can act contrary to God's will, so that every evil deed done by demon or man is ultimately God's will manifesting through creation, in which case, as French Freemason and magician Eliphas Levi would later conclude: "What is the Devil, in the final analysis, but God working evil?" Indeed, and who, in that case, is a strict predestinarian? The Catholic historian, Hillaire Bulloc, equated Calvinism with Moloch worship. Perhaps it's not coincidental, then, but indicative, rather, of a profound spiritual truth, that Luther used the rosy cross as his crest. [Of course, it's also true that Luther later turned vehemenently against Judaism after his disillusionment set in concerning his hopes that Protestantism would facilitate a mass conversion of Jews to Christianity.]

In any case, many Catholics evidently felt that the Protestants, like their intellectual precursors, the Bohemians, could be seen as not only heretifcal but satanic. Thus, over 34 nations, representing many cultures, speaking many tongues, comprising different races, wearing diverse uniforms and marching under multi-colored banners with diverse emblematics, partook in the Catholic crusades against the Bohemian rebellion. These, the last of great Catholic crusades, marked the beginning of the end of Catholic dominion of Western Civilization and the start of the much bloodier and cataclysmic crypto-crusades, or carpenter-rebellions (read Builders), i.e., Judeo-Masonic revolutions and wars that began formally with Cromwell's English revolution, then the French Revolution, followed by the Napoleonic Wars, culminating in "hell's century", i.e., the 20th Century, with its unprecedented terror and mass technocratic tyranny, including the Bolshevik revolution.


[As the scan above from Freemason Lipard's book indicates, both the winged disk (or globe) and the cross rising from a globe are considered Rosicrucian symbols by Rosicrucians.]

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